Monday, November 26, 2012

Vermi compost enriches soil and improves banana cultivation growth.

Vermi compost application

Banana cultivation with the application of vermi compost enriches soil in most natural organic manner and also increases the quality, fertility and mineral content of the soil in banana cultivation. In nature, all organic matter eventually decomposes. In Vermi composting, worms are fed with decomposed matter and the organic material will pass through the earthworm gut resulting in worm castings.  Vermi bio fertilizer, enriches soil in most natural organic manner, and also increases the quality, fertility and mineral content of the soil. Unlike chemical fertilizers that destroy beneficial microorganisms, vermi compost is completely harmless and provides rich organic soil that is best for plants and it involves harnessing of earthworms for cleaning up the environment. In the process, earthworms and microbes work together and produce vermi-compost.The organic farming activist of SEVAI mentions that Vermi compost contains more than 8 kinds of useful microbial bacterium groups; it can supply all nutrition elements needed by the variety of banana plantation. Use of Bio-organic fertilizer will reduce the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and give higher yield & improve soil fertility”. The Benefits of Vermi Compost Fertilizer in Banana cultivation as it promotes faster growth of plants, increases crop yield, Produces crops with a better taste, and lasting quality, without toxic residues as Earthworms produce no toxins and carry no diseases.  Earthworms help neutralize soil acidity and reduce waste volume and
Increases crop yield with less irrigation, Improves groundwater recharge and reduces depletion of groundwater, Reduces soil salinization and soil erosion.-Govin

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