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Crude treatment by Dr.K.Sentil Raj I A S, Project Director of on NGOs in Tamilnadu.

Dr.K.Sentil Raj, I A S, PD, TANSACS
Link Workers Scheme is implemented in 15 districts of Tamil Nadu through TAN-SACS. The programme is designed to reach out to the high risk vulnerable population, and outreach to establish linkages with services, in the rural areas, the focus will be on advocating for availability of quality services and reduction of stigma and discrimination against HRG and PLHIV.Community members will be facilitated to develop ownership and sustain the scheme beyond the life of the programme. Formation of youth groups, Red Ribbon Clubs and involvement of volunteers will be encouraged to ensure that the efforts are sustained. The TANSACS Project Director Dr.K.Sentil Raj I A S in his review meeting conducted in TANSACS Office of LWS Scheme at 6.10 pm on 4th August 2017,t is said by SEVAI Director that  Dr.K.Sentil Raj I A S, Project Director of TANSACS have all the rights to review the program. we SEVAI Director said “ Dr.K.Sentil Raj I A S had personally had attributed hostility on the Project Director of SEVAI and SEVAI Staff members   for the best reasons known to PD,TANSACS”. The project Director of SEVAI said ,”During the project review meeting, although we did well in implementing Link Workers Scheme in Trichirapalli District, Director PD TANSACS Dr.K.Sentil Raj I A S started wounding SEVAI team and other NGOs too with no reference to documents, especially Evaluation report shared with us on 3rd August 2017.PD TANSACS is well aware that the Link Workers scheme is restricted to only 100 hamlet villages in Trichirappli District, covering 10% of the General population of the District and SEVAI provides services to HIV High Risk Groups,TB Patients,PLHIVS as per the guideline given by NACO . Having served in these 100 village hamlets, we were able to bring down zero prevalence of new HIV Positive at the same time services are provided to HRGs Existing PLHIVs. During last year, no single positive case was identified either by SEVAI or by ICTC in any of these 100 villages as HIV required services are provided with optimum concern. That is why there is no new HIV Positive of PLHIV and that is the success of the project. Our link workers identified new HIV Positive in other villages other than these 100 villages where we serve and these new three cases were registered as identified by ICTC. That the reason why SEVAI NGO  made a request to TANSACS to drop certain PLHIV free villages and proposes to undertake 40 more villages where the HIV Risk is high and there they needed the services of SEVAI and TANSACS. This proposal dropping 40 villages and adding 40 new villages were placed before the review meeting where you were not there on 3rd August 2017 evaluation debriefing meeting and TANSACS offices informed us that they would get the approval of PD TANSACS and would ask us proceed with these new villages. The continuation of HIV Prevention services for those Positive cases in some of the old villages would continue. We were waiting for your approval for the new villages for HIV intervention in our Link Workers scheme as per the guidelines issued by NACO through your good offices on 4th August 2017. This is the fact”. Project Director of SEVAI added, “Just in three minutes after the start of PD’s review meeting on 4th August 2017, PD TANSAC,Dr.K.Sentil Raj IAS  had angrily raised his voice on me why I did not attend your review meeting conducted on 1st August 2017 at Trichy. I responded that TANSACS District unit (DAPCU) asked only Target Intervention- Project Manager and District Resource Persons  of Link Workers Scheme  of NGOs, such as SEVAI  are to attend your  review meeting at Trichy collector's office conducted by your good offices and rest of the SEVAI  team as supported by TANSACS are to remain in their respective offices. That is the reason why, I submitted respectfully that I could not attend your review meeting conducted in Trichy. It is the case for all the NGO Directors of LWS,TI projects of TANSACS of  Trichy, Pudukottai, Thanjavur, Perambalur and Ariyalur and that is the reason why none of the NGO Directors attended your review meeting we have no other reason to avoid your review meeting. Your TANSACS Team also confirmed that NGO Project Directors were not invited for the review meeting. When I brought out this fact to your kind consideration, PD TANSACS expressed his dismay on me and PD TANSACS expressed his uneasiness that I was arguing with PD TANSACS and he  asked me to apologize for my response in front of all NGOs, staff members of NGOs and PD TANSACS officers. I was shocked about PD TANSACS shout and I did not know what for I have to make an apology for none of my fault. I respect IAS officers and I had also attended several review meetings and none of them treated me as inhumanly as you did it in PD TANSACS review meeting over the years. When SEVAI Associate Director Mrs.C.Sudha, who has a long standing in NGO field submitted humbly her views, PD TANSACS had also intimidated her and abused her with unparliamentarily  words “Are you not ashamed “and Mrs.C.Sudha started howling. PD TANSACS also addressed our LWS District Resource Person”, P.Subramanian in singular and you used callous words on him also. The way you treated me and the project staff is highly in human and it is purely human right violation and the attack on woman of your words such as “Are you not ashamed “on our woman staff is assault on women as harassment. You are well aware that Mrs.C.Sudha and Mr.P.Subramainian are not TANSACS staff and they are the staff of SEVAI. I am their employer. If PD TANSACS had any disagreement about their activities, PD TANSACS can only ask me and he cannot take law into your hand and treated them roughly addressing with unparliamentarily expressions”.
SEVAI Project Director added further, “Above all, while PD TANSACS were reviewing other district, when I started to sit down, PD TANSACS ordered me to stand up and to keep on standing. PD TANSACS never considered that I am a senior citizen of 65 years old and with knee pain, I was standing for a long time with my knee pain. I should have walked out, but I did not do so, as I did not want to offend PD TANSACS as you did it to me. My blood pressure had gone up. You also ill-treated our organization SEVAI which was founded by me 42 years back and SEVAI has its own track record of serving the poorest of the poor and needy people. SEVAI had gained appreciation for my public service from various personalities from reputed personalities of various walks of life. PD TANSACS does know really about our integrated development projects. Without knowing an organization, is it not a worst insult for an organization, which works in several Districts of Tamilnadu y in the areas of Health, HIV/AIDS, shelter promotion, Women self help groups, vocational training program for youth, organic farming, watershed management, cost effective housing, rural technology etc, vide website: There may be ups and down in HIV/AIDS Project and it is duty of TANSACS and NACO to train NGOs to bridge the gaps. PD TANSACS insult of NGOs and its volunteers and project staff would de-motivate people those involved in HIV/AIDS and other components of reduction of HIV/AIDS prevalence. The recent three days evaluation undertaken in July 2017 by TANSACS evaluators and auditors forum of TANSACS gave us 100% score in financial management of the funds provided by PD TANSACS offices to SEVAI and overall score was 75%. We are open to learn and improve our quality of work. NGO/CBO sector is very helpful to Government for implementing such a fragile projects of HIV/AIDS nature. Funds are secondary, but recoginsation of their work such a sector will boost the involvement of NGOs to get involved in such projects. We fear not criticism when we are right and we never ignore it when we are wrong. We are not wrong at this context; still I boldly took up your anger although I had to undergo such a shame of insult”.SEVAI Project Director is firm and said, “Whoever high may be, no one has right to overstep his limit at the cost of human right violation and woman harassment. It is a pity that SEVAI had to face such a treatment. PD TANSACS had also mentioned that we are living at the mercy of PD TANSACS and he should know how NGOs dedicate themselves with social responsibility for implementing the TANSACS projects. Neither my organization SEVAI nor I receive any financial support from TANSACS. The funds sent by PD TANSACS offices were distributed as the project staff salary as per NACO Guidelines as expected by TANSACS on e-transfer basis. More over we receive the grant after a gap of 3- 4 months and SEVAI provides advances to run TANSACS Projects and TANSACS funds are transferred after 3-4 months only, we need to earmark in SEVAI General funds around Rs.12,000,00 to run these projects and never stopped the project staff salary and project activities for want of Transfer of funds from TANSACS. Having worked more sincerely for a decade with TANSACS in implementation of HIV Projects, we do not know why we were offended in the presence of several NGOs and SEVAI Staff and PD TANSACS staff. Having experienced such a shocking insult from PD TANSACS, it is not fair on our part to continue as so called partner of TANSACS.We understand around SEVAI 40 project functionaries will lose their jobs and their livelihood. SEVAI 40 project functionaries expressed their strong dismay for the injustice attributed to SEVAI and staff members said that having served for the HIV Prevention and target intervention for years, SEVAI staff team is not able to absorb the crude shock of PD TANSACS and they rather starve than working with this nasty insult to SEVAI from PD TANSACS offices.  Thus SEVAI is most willing to relinquish from LWS and TI projects of TANSACS from now onwards”. SEVAI NGO director sent the complaints to the concerned authorities of Government of India and also Statement regarding the crude behavior of PD  TANSACS on SEVAI NGO and they are open for We are open for any enquiry from any authorities and organizations”.TANSACS-NGO Forum strongly condemned the Project Director for his crude behavior with SEVAI and other NGOs on 4th August. Mr.Ramkumar of CSR-Nagarkoil, Mr.Berlin Jose, a leading NGO Leader of Theni the conveners of NGO Forum stated with painful voice that Dr.K.Senthil Raj,I A S,  Project Director, TANSACS behaved extremely horrendous with seven NGO Leaders and made stand and wait for around three hours outside PD’s room in TANSACS office when they visited TANSACS for submitting representation to PD-TANSACS for release of long pending funds to NGOs from TANSACS-  Kris

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