Monday, August 21, 2017

TANSACS condumned by IHN, a NGO-NETWORK expressed its shock and condemns for mistreatment to NGO/CBOs. especially Senior NGO SEVAI and its Founder Dr. K.Govindaraju by Dr.K.Sentil Raj I A S .Project Director,TANSACS

Initiatives of HIV/AIDS – Net

Meeting Venue;
ICSA (Inter Church - Service Association)
107, Pantheon Road,
Egmore, Chennai - 600 008.
Tamilnadu, India.
The Thirtieth Board Meeting of Initiatives of HIV/AIDS Net Started by 11.30 a.m. and. the following IHN board members attended the meeting,
  1. Mr.A.Bakthavachalam, Chair person
  2. Mr.A.J.Hariharan, General Secretary,
  3. Mr.Pon.Manoharan, Treasurer
  4. Dr.I.Ambalavanan, Joint Secretary
  5. Mr.Keshavaraj, ARCOD, Member - IHN
  6. Mr.Narayanan, Gramiam, Member - IHN
  7. Ms.Jesintha, MSDS, Member - IHN
  8. Ms.Jeya, Sahodaran, Member - IHN
  9. Ms. Noori, SIP+, Member - IHN
  10. Ms.R.Jeeva, TRA, Member - IHN
  11. Mr.B.Sekar, SWAM, Member - IHN
  12. Mr. Sundaramurthy, Bro Siga, Member - IHN
  13. Ms.Kirupa, Member - IHN
  14. Mr.Subramani and Ms.Uma, Representatives of SEVAI, Member - IHN
  15. Mr.Vijayabaskar, Save Trust, Member IHN
  16. Ms.Swetha, TNWS, Member, IHN
  17. Mr.S.Lawrence, Real Charitable Trust, Member, IHN
  18. Mr.K.Yosodha, TNDWWS, Member, IHN
  19. Mr.K.Karunanidhi, Kudusai Vazhu Makkal Kudiyurumai Kuzhu

Mr.Pon.Manoharan, Treasurer, IHN welcomed the Members for the meeting and he thanked all of them for their presence in the meeting convened in a very short notice. He described that this present extraordinary meeting was convened in a critical situation, as the NGO/ CBO partners are suffering a lot due to the delay in release of arrears amount due to NGO/CBOs from 2013. The meeting was also convened to critically view the happenings in Review Meeting for Link Workers Scheme held at TANSACs on 3rd and 4th of August 2017. Followed by the deliberations, the following have been resolved collectively by the board.
ð  Meeting with officials of NACO to request the release of arrears amount
The members have described the issues affecting their day to day operations in the projects due to the delay in release of funds and the arrears amount to be settled for the financial years from 2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2015-2016. Everyone worried that these sorts of delayed grant release affect the quality of the work of NGOs/CBOs and also raise the staff turnover. It is difficult for the Management of NGOs and CBOs to keep up the capacitated staff team in the projects. Ms.Jeeva, and Ms.Jeya shared their meetings with Director General, NACO. They told that the officials of NACO have greater concern over the issues affecting NGO/CBOs. It is understood that they will help IHN to sort out the issues, if a team from IHN could meet them in person to discuss the issues, particularly pertaining to grant release. It is resolved that a team of members from IHN would meet the higher officials of NACO, at Delhi, once they get prior appointment with them. The meeting finalized the members who voluntarily expressed that they can make it possible to visit NACO to discuss the issues. Mr.Hariharan, Secretary, would take efforts to get prior appointment with the officials of NACO and also to coordinate the trip.
ð  Condemnation of Project Director, TNSACS for ill-treating NGOs at the Review Meetings for Link Workers Scheme
The representatives from SEVAI NGO and the other members who attended the review meeting at TNSACS on 3rd and 4th explained the happenings in detail and everyone worried about the way in which the Project Director treated the NGOs in the review meetings. Everyone opined that Dr.K.Govindaraju, Director, SEVAI, NGO, Tiruchirapalli was insulted to the core, mistreated disrespectfully. IHN expressed its shock and resolved that IHN condemns any sort of mistreatment to NGO/CBOs. It asks the TNSACS not to follow this in future.
It is informed to the members that Dr.Govindaraju, Sevai has sent a letter of withdrawal of Projects (TI and LWS) to Project Director, TNSACS, as they got offended very much with the way in which they were treated. IHN requests Dr.Govindaraju, Sevai to reconsider their decision of withdrawal, as all other NGO/CBO Partners are with them in solidarity. IHN also requests TNSACS not to accept their letter of withdrawal to facilitate their continuation with TNSACS in implementing both Targeted Intervention and Link Workers Scheme.
ð  Seeking Changes in the approaches of Technical Support Unit
All the members have expressed that a few of the Programme Officers have got failed in providing Supportive Supervision to NGO/CBOs. They neither support the projects to get improved nor handhold the project team for effective implementation. They tend to policing with distrust over the staff during all their visits. The Directors of NGO/CBOs felt that this sort of attitude of TSU will ruin the professional relationship of NGO/CBOs with TNSACS. It is resolved that TNSACS need to organise a meeting to facilitate interactions between TSU and NGO/CBOs. The NGO/CBOs can express their grievances and expectations on Supportive Supervision in such a meeting where TSU could also appraise their present approach which hinders the effective functioning of project teams.

ð  Need for Training on PFMS
It is known to all that TNSACS has introduced PFMS application to manage Financial Transactions of the projects. An orientation meeting was organised for M&Es working in the projects on16th June 2017 at Chennai where they were oriented on basic details. They were also informed in the same meeting that District Prevention and Control Units (DAPCU) would support them in using the platform. The members opined that the M&Es are not adequately capacitated and the DAPCUs have failed to support them time. It is resolved that TNSCAS may have to organise a Training Programme to Project Managers, and M&Es immediately to capacitate them to carry over the Financial Management through PFMS. IHN also requests TNSACS to advise District Programme Managers (DPMs) not to treat rudely the Project Managers of TIs and DRPs of LWS till the training is organised.
ð  Organizing IHN Members Meet once in Three Months
The members attended the meeting expressed that the frequency of meetings of IHN needs to be increased. Mr.Bakthavachalam, Chair Person explained the difficulties in organizing the meeting often due to financial constraints. Some of the members have expressed that they could share the expenses for the meetings to be organised in the future. Considering the needs of the members, it is resolved that IHN will organise meeting for its members once in three months. IHN also requests its members to pay their subscriptions annually without delay which would be helpful for IHN to manage its administrative expenses.
Dr.I.Ambalavanan, Joint Secretary, IHN proposed vote of Thanks. He thanked everyone individually for their presence in the meeting with valid contributions.

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