Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dr. K.Senthil Raj I A S the PD-TANSACS necessitates to advice his TSU team “the Protocol should not hamper the functioning of HIV/AIDS Projects of TANSACS”

TSU Head  Swami Iyer 

NGOs Forum which recently met resolved that the Technical Support Unit of TANSACS –the TSU should explain to the Project Director, TANSACS about diverse factors and techniques used in Target Intervention and Link Workers Project of NACO being implemented by TANSACS through NGOs and DAPCU. For Example in both Target Intervention and Link Workers Scheme, the main goal is to bring Zero new prevalence in the target area where one NGO is working for more than 5 years, of course the NGOs are expected to identify new High Risk persons for intervention, follow up of Existing HIV Positive persons, and intervention of HIV Testing, STI Testing, linking positive persons with ART centres, testing spouses of HRGs, support to TB Patients and ANC Mothers etc.When n IAS officer takes over as Project Director of TANSACS,it is prime duty of TSU to enlighten PD what is the goal of TANSACS and required services to be specified in that project. In the absence of such clarifications by TSU, the PD, TANSACS is awfully rigorous with NGOs why they could not identify new cases in the target area. For Example the coverage in LWS is only 10% of the general population, living in 100 hamlets and NGOs need to move to other uncovered 90 % population in the district as far as LWS is concerned. The second issue is that there should not be any communication gap between Project Director, TANSACS and NGO Project Directors. Due to communication gap, the NGO Directors from 7 districts could not meet the PD when he visited Trichy on 31st July and 1st August 2017.PD of TANSACS took up the matter very seriously for NGO PDs not meeting him at Trichy during these two days and NGOs Directors are to face awful state of affairs. If TSU would have intervened at this stage such a spiteful situation should have been shunned for NGO Project Directors.TSU Team washed off their hands and informed us that the TSU head is not in a position to inform the PD TANSACS due to protocol. Training, capacity building and networking has been a critical part of TSU/NGOs approach to improve its interventions and to spread its proven strategies to other uncovered villages.NGO Forum further viewed further, "Within a short span of time, PDs will comprehend the project swiftly and monitor the implementation of the projects as one of the duties as Head of TANSACS. PDs are often transferred and when the new PD Join he/she needs inclusive information and data about various projects being implemented. It is the duty of TSU to provide the bullet points of NACO Guidelines PD-TANSACS as it is the one of the duties of TSU Head, Samy Iyer has to inform PD, TANSACS  on all technical matters. It is also prime duty of TSU to train the field level functionaries those as NGOs in Capacity building and training of personnel. Most reports are furnished from the field through online and the field level reporting personnel are not well versed in on-line reporting. There is no financial provision given for NGOs to train field level staff members on in-service training and the only source is that these staff members need periodic online reporting and data filtering and process”.NGO Forum also stated “Basically NGO functionaries are good in field activities and there is delay in compiling the data and forward them online takes time for senior monitoring and evaluation staff members of NGOs. It is alleged that the project officers visiting NGOs are involved in fault finding mission rather than training and orienting the grass root level functionaries especially the on-line reporting personnel. The field level needs are not shared with their reporting officials, like PD, TANSACS. PD may have several works, but it is important that his associates should enlighten what is the requirement and how to bridge the gaps of the project. Most times, the TSU officials respond that they have no protocol to enlighten the various project needs.TSU need to play a role of supporting NGOs in the areas of HIV/AIDS intervention and the unit should not be suppressing the local NGO initiatives”.-Kris

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