Monday, April 27, 2020

SEVAI distributes so far 383 hygiene kits and dry rations to the sanitary worker families in Andanallur Block in Trichy District and Gypsy and transgender families and needy families in Trichy District at Covid 19 context.

Sanitary worker expresses her gratitude to family ration provider
Corona pandemic has harshly affected the livelihoods of many families and the lives of old age people and children. SEVAI provides nutritious food to ensure the safety and basic nutrition over 25000 meals since 5th March 2020 with the teamwork of Sirugamani town Panchayat.  Community Kitchen operated by SEVAI, a Trichy based NGO in collaboration with Sirugamani Town Panchayat in Trichy District feeds over 900 persons to old age people and poor children since 5, April 2020 during quarantine period.SEVAI with full involvement of feeding these people
Sanitary workers receives family  package with social distance 
at least one meal a day for the entire lock-down period in    Sirugamani
 Town Panchayat with the support of Donors to SEVAI. SEVAI‘s COVID Relief
Initiative works to provide cooked meals to those who find themselves with no
means to survive the current lockdown. SEVAI pools together its resources to arrange and distribute cooked meals for the people in need to areas in need.   SEVAI provides essential supplies and relief material such as Hygiene Kits and Food Packages to daily wage workers and low-income group. Through this project, SEVAI reaches out over 2,000 families living in the slums, rural areas and supporting sanitary workers. SEVAI distributes so far 200 hygiene kits and dry rations to the sanitary worker families in Andanallur Block and for
Gypsy families are to receive family relief packages
183 gypsy families,transgenders, women headed  families, child need focused families, old age families and SEVAI firmly follows the social distancing with face masks and gloves as per the protocols of the Covid

context in Trichy District with the support of benefactors and it make a huge difference in time of crisis.SEVAI manages Child line 1098 and also works on professional mental and psychological support to mothers and children with the help of a professionals. SEVAI runs an Open Shelter for boys with the
Gypsy woman receives family relief kit from SEVAI
support of Railway Children and counselor and Non formal educator engage children with aim for each child as per best interest of child arranging physical activity like yoga, dance, etc for inmates to channelize their energy.Thanks to the support given to SEVAI by OFI,ICHEC and PVF and LDSG –Govin

SEVAI Team members distribute Family ration relief kits to Gypsy families
Food packing for door to door delivery 
Transgender families were distributed family relief kits

Food packets distribution
Food distribution maintaining with social distance 


Friday, April 24, 2020

SEVAI encouraged Solitary Reader Approach on World Book Day on April 23, at the context of global lock-down in Covid 19 condition.

Solitary Reader 
With colleges and schools closed due to COVID-19 and families confined at home, books arouse the minds and boost well-being. This April 23, World Book Day is being observed by a solitary reader in lock-down. Books are more significant than ever to stimulate minds and inspire hope. Launched in 1995 by UNESCO, World Book Day celebrates the joys of reading, and the authors who have shaped our world. The aim of the event is to encourage more children and youth to discover the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own. World Book Day celebration 2020 - the first to occur with billions of people under lockdown - recognizes the key role books play in our lives. Food, water, and medicine are obvious essentials right now. We rely on these things to survive. Technically, however, we don’t need lots of the other stuff that was a given before the corona virus pandemic made shut-ins of a huge chunk of the global population. The children and students of colleges their books what was purchased prior to global shutdown. Books play a significant role in our life. For the majority of people, books are part of their everyday life. A book is like a best friend who will never walk away from
Solitary Reader in World Book day
Books are packed with knowledge, insights into a happy life, life lessons, love, fear, prayer and helpful advice
. Why book are important Essay. Books are very important to the development of a child because it not only helps them in school, but it also makes it easier for them to understand new subject matter. Books are important because they give us insight into stories and lives we otherwise wouldn't be able to experience. The key benefits of reading books are Cognitive Mental Stimulation and Brain Exercising, Vocabulary and Knowledge Expansion, Lower levels of Stress and Tension Relief Helps with Depression and Dysthymia, Memory Improvement and Better Focus, Strengthens Writing Abilities, Enhances Imagination and Empathy.-Govin

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

SEVAI a, Trichy based NGO had set it up Community Kitchen in Collaboration of Sirugamani Town Panchayat in Trichy District upddated report photos as on 25.4.2020.

Food preparation for distribution to old age and poor people covid context
SEVAI a, Trichy based NGO had set it up Community Kitchen in Collaboration of Sirugamani Town Panchayat in Trichy District and provides food to  migrant workers, senior citizens  and children since 5,April 2020.Trichy District Collector, Trichy advised SEVAI to collaborate  Sirugamani Town Panchayat for feeding more number of needy population. Sirugamani Town Panchayat .During the assessment of need in the field, the requirement had gone up around 800 persons per day as they are very needy population. SEVAI with full involvement of feeding around 900 persons a day has taken up for the entire lockdown period in   the Sirugamani
Hygienic vegetables cutting for cooking 
Town Panchayat. The Executive officer of Sirugamani Town Panchayat Mrs.Umarani extends her support with her staff for feeding the migrant workers, poor old age people, women and children every day. Honble Minister Mrs.Valarmathi visited the community kitchen on 6, April and also distributed food for the needy population and also appreciated the voluntary service of SEVAI. This is a small Initiative of SEVAI with its resources of

feeding needy migrant population especially old age and children. SEVAI made
Packing food pockets
 SEVAI extends its appreciation the donors  fo
r their timely support for feeding the poor at this crucial context. It is only the starting point and the needs for the poor people who experience the nationwide lockdown situation. SEVAI team K.Devendran, P. Vanitha and P. Chitra and Suda mobilized the volunteers for this feeding. The feeding population takes all Covid precaution protocol and also distributes face masks for the beneficiaries and also feeders. SEVAI also appealed for support from donors to help its mission of reaching out with help for the needy population. K.Govindaaju, Director SEVAI cautioned SEVAI Team

of Service providing staff involved in disaster to take care of maximum safety of themselves too, and further enlightened the SEVAI Team, “The World has been struggling with the ongoing pandemic of COVID 19 and India has also been adversely affected by this pandemic which has resulted in the nation-wide lockdown in order to curb down the infection rate. Consequently, this
Feeding Elderly by SEVAI Team member
situation has created additional developmental challenges where lives of millions have been affected, resulting in inaccessibility of various basic facilities. The Voluntary organizations are to work in collaboration with the government in providing support to communities. SEVAI is working in very difficult situations. The FCRA

Department of Ministry of Home Affairs has sent a digital letter to all FCRA registered Voluntary Organisations with an appeal to support the government in providing aids and appropriate help to the millions which are affected. The letter also mentions the areas in which the Government requires support from the Civil Society in order to overcome the present ongoing deficits. Additionally, the letter also enclosed a reporting proforma to understand the area of relief work being
carried out by respective organisation with regards to response to COVID 19
Food pocket for a child

and SEVAI needs to comply with all the Government requirements”.SEVAI also provided the rice and grocery  for feeding Andanallur Block People. SHG members produce face masks for all the targeted beneficiaries. Around 10000  masks are produced, and SHGs started producing more number of masks as the need is huge.The current service provided is very initial and the need for reaching SEVAI target area of SHGs are extremely high. SEVAI Childline  1098 and Railway child line Trichy are functional 24 x 7 as emergency services. The Open shelter run for boys by SEVAI-RC is functional and children are taken care with optimum care of Covid prevention protocol. Childline provided fruits to Poor children of
Food pockets distributed to senior citizen
Kuyavarthoppu, Railway children provides family kits to deserving families of children those who rescued and followed.SEVAI expresses its appreciation to OFI volunteers attached with SEVAI namely Corlie and Olivier for their initiative for supporting SEVAI relief in Covid context.At the request of Block Development officer,Andanallur, SEVAI team collects materials for distribution of family feeding baskets for 186 sanitary workers who are key persons for maintaining the cleanliness of the villages.  At the request of District Social welfare officer, 50  senior citizens families,  have been distributed food  raw  ration baskets  -Govin

Updated feeding photos 21st April:

Hygienic packing of food for distribution
Food distribution at home for poor senior citizen by SEVAI Volunteers in K.N.Palayam
Food distribution for very old women

Photos of 8th April 2020

SEVAI Team is on wheels for food basket supply
One Family kit items mobilised by Railway Childline -SEVAI distributed 10 children focused families

Railway children line team distributes family relief kit for needy children family

Feeding people with Social distancing in SEVAI Auditorium

9.4.2020 photos


Relief measures provided to children of Kuyavarhoppu
Family raw ration and hygiene Kit provided by Childline  1098 in Trichy
Rice procurement by SEVAI for distribution
Packing of Family raw ration kits for 200 sanitation workers in Andanallur Block

Sanitation worker expresses her thanks