Monday, August 27, 2018

Over 550 children rescued by SEVAI-RCI in the round-the-clock Child Assistance Booth at the Trichy Railway Junction.

SEVAI-RCI Child Assistance booth in Trichirapalli Railway Junction

A round-the-clock Child Assistance Booth functions round the clock at the Trichy Railway Junction and rescued over 550 kids, the runaway and missing children in 7 months duration. It prevents trafficking and to prevent violence against children to strengthen protection services for children in vulnerable situations. It is the initiative of SEVAI; a Trichy based NGO-Railway Children, with the Financial and accompaniment support of Railway Children India. The booth was set up in Platform No.1 of Trichy Railway Junction; one of the significant Railway Junctions in Southern Railway Junction, the space has been provided by the Railway authorities.  The DGM, Southern Railways, Chennai inaugurated the Booth on 31st January.2018.SEVAI Team of 16 members manages, working in shifts; the booth functions round-the-clock at the station. The objective behind setting up the booth was to rescue runaway and missing children and prevent trafficking of minors. The rescued children are brought to the booth immediately to make them feel comfortable and shift them to the SEVAI-Open Shelter approved by Government of Tamilnadu situated near central bus stand. Thereafter, the Open shelter staff members  attends to their basic needs such as providing food and space for taking rest, counseling and vocational education, care and support and 10 more staff members take care the open shelter. The children feel more comfortable in such environment. The SEVAI professional team and Field officer of RCI and manages the Open Shelter and interact with the rescued children to ascertain their whereabouts and produce the rescued children before the Child Welfare Committee as per the mandated procedure to reunite with their parents. The children are provided with balanced diet in Open shelter. Most runaway children preferred train as a mode to get away from their homes since it provided them access to travel to longer distances. Child Friendly Space have been created in Open Shelter  where the child's right to feel safe, to learn and to play in SEVAI-RCI’s Child Friendly Spaces provide a safe place for some of the  most vulnerable children as designed to address children's specific needs depending on the crisis state of affairs. India's huge, bustling railway stations are perfect for abusers looking to prey on lonely, desperate, vulnerable children. Children are constantly at risk of sexual violence, misuse and violence. Many children resort to drugs and substance abuse to get through each day. Trichirapalli Junction Child Help Assistance Booth is ‘child-friendly’ set up with the help and engagement of SEVAI-RCI.-Kris

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