Wednesday, December 4, 2013

“Raising a baby goat is like having a child” –SEVAI Goat farm

New born baby goats in SEVAI Goat farm

Dairy goats form a fair livelihood for a family. Not only do they provide meat, but they also give us manure for our gardens. They're smaller and easier to handle than cows, eat less, and they really like people. When our goats occasionally get out they don't run away down the road, they are such a beneficial animal on the homestead. Raising a baby goat is like having a child. SEVAI farm in Sirugamani have goats, heifer, and cows. One of our goats had three baby goats recently. The baby goats are small. We feed the baby goats regularly. Baby goats have small stomachs and require feeding at least four or more times a day.SEVAI provides these baby goats with a place to sleep that would be warm and safe. SEVAI Team keeps the baby goats clean in her face, ears, and body daily. When she was around three weeks, I started giving her grass and hay to get her used to grazing. In three weeks by now SEVAI would take the baby goats outside and give her the grass mixture and let them walk around and graze, so they would get in the habit of knowing what weeds, grass she liked to eat. There are feeding schedules, nap schedules etc. Soon after birth, the kids usually struggle to their wobbly feet and search for milk, usually at the wrong end of Mom. But soon they'll find the teat and start to suck. Sometimes, especially with does with large, pendulous teats, new kids can't find the teat or figure out how to get it bent around into their mouths. We may need to help a little here. We have even had to nearly milk out a doe's udder so that the new guys could get hold of the teat. They won't nurse much or long, but as long as they do get a snack, they'll be alright for several hours. The first day and night are important; be sure the kids are nursing and getting milk. Look for the little wagging tails, and you'll know they are being satisfied. Newborn kids will nurse fairly often, but not long at a time. That will increase, and they'll nurse less often and get more milk at one time. Govin

“Zeroing new HIV Infection”-World AIDS Day Message by District Collector Mrs.Jayashree Muralidharan.

World AIDS DAY song by SEVAI TI Project functionaries
President. Trichirapalli Welfare Committee /District Collector Mrs.Jayshree Muralidharan delivered the key note address and appreciated all those involved in eliminating new HIV Infection and also those who care and support the PLHIVs and involved in target intervention and Link workers in rural areas. She mentioned that the rural population voluntarily comes forward for testing and further follow up periodically. District Collector appealed the projects functionaries of HIV/AIDS Projects to create awareness among urban target groups are  also to come forward voluntarily  for testing and follow up without attaching stigma. District Collector also appreciated the role of voluntary organizations, the DAPCU officials and project functionaries, other associated department officials for a systematic approach and implementation of the project for eliminating new HIV infections and also to eliminate the infection from pregnant mothers to new born babies.Mrs.Jayashree Muralidharan also highlighted the Hon;ble Chief Minister’s message for World AIDS Day-2013.She insisted to work towards zeroing HIV new infection, deaths and discrimination.Earlier,the World AIDS DAY Pledge was taken by District collector as followed by the participants. Trichy District works achieving “Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination, and Zero AIDS-Related Deaths” said by K.Govindaraju, Treasurer of Trichy District Welfare Committee on the occasion of the observance of World Aids Day-2013.He appreciated the District Collector Mrs.Jayashree Muralidaharn’s efforts in attaining the above said goals of zeroing. K.Govindaraju further said that by eliminating discrimination against people living with HIV is being achieved in Trichirapalli District. The fight for equality and human rights for all are being  taken up at all levels. District Collector distributed a grant of  Rs.2000 per child for 317 children out of District Welfare fund committee funds for the support of education and nutrition. Prizes were distributed to school students those won in essay writing on World AIDS Day-2013...PLHIV Federation President Ms.Tamil spoke on this occasion. Members of District welfare committee,  Department officials,Medical officers, ICTC counselors and lab.technicians and functionaries of NGOs, Net work members of PLHIVs and students and public participated in this World AIDS Day observation.Earlier,DAPCU District Program Manager Sentil Kumar welcomed the gathering and Mr.Selvakumar,District Supervisor  proposed vote of thanks.SEVAI target intervention team members sang an awareness song on care and support of PLHIVs.-Govin

World Aids Day -the hindu reports in Tamil

Monday, December 2, 2013

“Getting to Zero” HIV/AIDS Target intervention and Link Workers Scheme workers of SEVAI took pledge on world AIDS Day-2013.

SEVAI TI/LWS Teams taking pledge to work towards "Zeroing HIV"

The world Aids day-2013 was observed on 1, December 2013 by SEVAI, a Trichy based NGO in Allur near Trichirappalli. The Project manager Mrs.Mohana Sundaram mentioned that When we speak about getting to zero we mean zero new HIV infections, zero babies born with HIV and zero deaths from AIDS related illnesses. The Link Worker District Resource Person,Mrs.Amala Rajkumar said that The Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) enters the body through blood, semen, vaginal secretions or breast milk by way of unprotected sexual contact. Transmission can also occur from a mother to a child during pregnancy, birth or breast feeding, or contaminated body piercings and tattoos. The TI and LWS teams thanked the valuable support given by NACO, TANSACS, VHS and SEVAI for achieving the goals of getting Zero. The team took a pledge that that they would work hard for reducing significantly the Sexual transmission of HIV, including among young people, men who have sex with men and transmission in the context of sex work and Vertical transmission of HIV eliminated and AIDS-related maternal deaths reduced, All new HIV infections prevented among people who use drugs, access to antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV who are eligible for treatment,TB deaths among people living with HIV reduced, All people living with HIV and households affected by HIV are addressed in all national social protection strategies and have access to essential care and support and Zero tolerance for gender-based violence.-Govin