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Dr.K.Senthil Raj, I A S Project Director, TANSACS'The wounds of fire would vanish with time but the wounds caused by words never.'தீயினால் சுட்ட புண் உள்ளாறும் ஆறாதே நாவினால் சுட்ட வடு (திருக்குறள்)-Please remember-NGOs

 தீயினால் சுட்ட புண் உள்ளாறும் ஆறாதே நாவினால் சுட்ட வடு (திருக்குறள்)

Dear Sir, PD,TANSACS, Please recollect; how you ill-treated elderly,women and make them to stand for hours during your review on 4th August 2017. What mistakes they did it. The NGO heads are working purely on voluntary basis spending their own personal money attending to TANSACS projects.Of course they are responsible for the project as they signed the MOU,that does not mean you can treat  them inhumanely and used words of abuse on them.You did not make any analysis and started abusing the senior citizens,the NGO Heads and women functionaries in standing position.'The wounds of fire would vanish with time but the wounds caused by words never.'தீயினால் சுட்ட புண் உள்ளாறும் ஆறாதே நாவினால் சுட்ட வடு (திருக்குறள்). In this country one of the hopes for  the survival of people is I A S officials for better judgement. We strongly feel that you must have taken some more time to use your ears than your mouth for the understanding of the project success.-Naamaarkkum kudiyalloom namanai anjoom Naragaththil idar padoom nadalai illom emaappoom piniyariyoom panivoomalloom Inbamee ennalum thunbamillai Thaamaarkkum kudiyalla thanmaiyaaana Shankaran sanga ven kuzai oor kadhilkomaarke naam enrum meela aalaai koymmalar seevadi inaiyee kuruginoomee. -ThirunAvukkarasar Thevaram."We are not constrained by the rule of any king. We wont fear for death. We wont suffer in the Hell. We do not know illness. We wont bow to anybody else. Everyday is blissful and no sufferings. The Lord Shankara, who is not responsible to anybody else, is wearing the ring of sea shell in one ear. To that rich man we became the unrelievable slaves and have taken shelter in his beautiful reddish feet full of flowers".Thirunavukarsar.(APPAR ADIKAL)-NGO women Forum.One of the presses writes as attached: Kris

Monday, August 21, 2017

TANSACS condumned by IHN, a NGO-NETWORK expressed its shock and condemns for mistreatment to NGO/CBOs. especially Senior NGO SEVAI and its Founder Dr. K.Govindaraju by Dr.K.Sentil Raj I A S .Project Director,TANSACS

Initiatives of HIV/AIDS – Net

Meeting Venue;
ICSA (Inter Church - Service Association)
107, Pantheon Road,
Egmore, Chennai - 600 008.
Tamilnadu, India.
The Thirtieth Board Meeting of Initiatives of HIV/AIDS Net Started by 11.30 a.m. and. the following IHN board members attended the meeting,
  1. Mr.A.Bakthavachalam, Chair person
  2. Mr.A.J.Hariharan, General Secretary,
  3. Mr.Pon.Manoharan, Treasurer
  4. Dr.I.Ambalavanan, Joint Secretary
  5. Mr.Keshavaraj, ARCOD, Member - IHN
  6. Mr.Narayanan, Gramiam, Member - IHN
  7. Ms.Jesintha, MSDS, Member - IHN
  8. Ms.Jeya, Sahodaran, Member - IHN
  9. Ms. Noori, SIP+, Member - IHN
  10. Ms.R.Jeeva, TRA, Member - IHN
  11. Mr.B.Sekar, SWAM, Member - IHN
  12. Mr. Sundaramurthy, Bro Siga, Member - IHN
  13. Ms.Kirupa, Member - IHN
  14. Mr.Subramani and Ms.Uma, Representatives of SEVAI, Member - IHN
  15. Mr.Vijayabaskar, Save Trust, Member IHN
  16. Ms.Swetha, TNWS, Member, IHN
  17. Mr.S.Lawrence, Real Charitable Trust, Member, IHN
  18. Mr.K.Yosodha, TNDWWS, Member, IHN
  19. Mr.K.Karunanidhi, Kudusai Vazhu Makkal Kudiyurumai Kuzhu

Mr.Pon.Manoharan, Treasurer, IHN welcomed the Members for the meeting and he thanked all of them for their presence in the meeting convened in a very short notice. He described that this present extraordinary meeting was convened in a critical situation, as the NGO/ CBO partners are suffering a lot due to the delay in release of arrears amount due to NGO/CBOs from 2013. The meeting was also convened to critically view the happenings in Review Meeting for Link Workers Scheme held at TANSACs on 3rd and 4th of August 2017. Followed by the deliberations, the following have been resolved collectively by the board.
ð  Meeting with officials of NACO to request the release of arrears amount
The members have described the issues affecting their day to day operations in the projects due to the delay in release of funds and the arrears amount to be settled for the financial years from 2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2015-2016. Everyone worried that these sorts of delayed grant release affect the quality of the work of NGOs/CBOs and also raise the staff turnover. It is difficult for the Management of NGOs and CBOs to keep up the capacitated staff team in the projects. Ms.Jeeva, and Ms.Jeya shared their meetings with Director General, NACO. They told that the officials of NACO have greater concern over the issues affecting NGO/CBOs. It is understood that they will help IHN to sort out the issues, if a team from IHN could meet them in person to discuss the issues, particularly pertaining to grant release. It is resolved that a team of members from IHN would meet the higher officials of NACO, at Delhi, once they get prior appointment with them. The meeting finalized the members who voluntarily expressed that they can make it possible to visit NACO to discuss the issues. Mr.Hariharan, Secretary, would take efforts to get prior appointment with the officials of NACO and also to coordinate the trip.
ð  Condemnation of Project Director, TNSACS for ill-treating NGOs at the Review Meetings for Link Workers Scheme
The representatives from SEVAI NGO and the other members who attended the review meeting at TNSACS on 3rd and 4th explained the happenings in detail and everyone worried about the way in which the Project Director treated the NGOs in the review meetings. Everyone opined that Dr.K.Govindaraju, Director, SEVAI, NGO, Tiruchirapalli was insulted to the core, mistreated disrespectfully. IHN expressed its shock and resolved that IHN condemns any sort of mistreatment to NGO/CBOs. It asks the TNSACS not to follow this in future.
It is informed to the members that Dr.Govindaraju, Sevai has sent a letter of withdrawal of Projects (TI and LWS) to Project Director, TNSACS, as they got offended very much with the way in which they were treated. IHN requests Dr.Govindaraju, Sevai to reconsider their decision of withdrawal, as all other NGO/CBO Partners are with them in solidarity. IHN also requests TNSACS not to accept their letter of withdrawal to facilitate their continuation with TNSACS in implementing both Targeted Intervention and Link Workers Scheme.
ð  Seeking Changes in the approaches of Technical Support Unit
All the members have expressed that a few of the Programme Officers have got failed in providing Supportive Supervision to NGO/CBOs. They neither support the projects to get improved nor handhold the project team for effective implementation. They tend to policing with distrust over the staff during all their visits. The Directors of NGO/CBOs felt that this sort of attitude of TSU will ruin the professional relationship of NGO/CBOs with TNSACS. It is resolved that TNSACS need to organise a meeting to facilitate interactions between TSU and NGO/CBOs. The NGO/CBOs can express their grievances and expectations on Supportive Supervision in such a meeting where TSU could also appraise their present approach which hinders the effective functioning of project teams.

ð  Need for Training on PFMS
It is known to all that TNSACS has introduced PFMS application to manage Financial Transactions of the projects. An orientation meeting was organised for M&Es working in the projects on16th June 2017 at Chennai where they were oriented on basic details. They were also informed in the same meeting that District Prevention and Control Units (DAPCU) would support them in using the platform. The members opined that the M&Es are not adequately capacitated and the DAPCUs have failed to support them time. It is resolved that TNSCAS may have to organise a Training Programme to Project Managers, and M&Es immediately to capacitate them to carry over the Financial Management through PFMS. IHN also requests TNSACS to advise District Programme Managers (DPMs) not to treat rudely the Project Managers of TIs and DRPs of LWS till the training is organised.
ð  Organizing IHN Members Meet once in Three Months
The members attended the meeting expressed that the frequency of meetings of IHN needs to be increased. Mr.Bakthavachalam, Chair Person explained the difficulties in organizing the meeting often due to financial constraints. Some of the members have expressed that they could share the expenses for the meetings to be organised in the future. Considering the needs of the members, it is resolved that IHN will organise meeting for its members once in three months. IHN also requests its members to pay their subscriptions annually without delay which would be helpful for IHN to manage its administrative expenses.
Dr.I.Ambalavanan, Joint Secretary, IHN proposed vote of Thanks. He thanked everyone individually for their presence in the meeting with valid contributions.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dr. K.Senthil Raj I A S the PD-TANSACS necessitates to advice his TSU team “the Protocol should not hamper the functioning of HIV/AIDS Projects of TANSACS”

TSU Head  Swami Iyer 

NGOs Forum which recently met resolved that the Technical Support Unit of TANSACS –the TSU should explain to the Project Director, TANSACS about diverse factors and techniques used in Target Intervention and Link Workers Project of NACO being implemented by TANSACS through NGOs and DAPCU. For Example in both Target Intervention and Link Workers Scheme, the main goal is to bring Zero new prevalence in the target area where one NGO is working for more than 5 years, of course the NGOs are expected to identify new High Risk persons for intervention, follow up of Existing HIV Positive persons, and intervention of HIV Testing, STI Testing, linking positive persons with ART centres, testing spouses of HRGs, support to TB Patients and ANC Mothers etc.When n IAS officer takes over as Project Director of TANSACS,it is prime duty of TSU to enlighten PD what is the goal of TANSACS and required services to be specified in that project. In the absence of such clarifications by TSU, the PD, TANSACS is awfully rigorous with NGOs why they could not identify new cases in the target area. For Example the coverage in LWS is only 10% of the general population, living in 100 hamlets and NGOs need to move to other uncovered 90 % population in the district as far as LWS is concerned. The second issue is that there should not be any communication gap between Project Director, TANSACS and NGO Project Directors. Due to communication gap, the NGO Directors from 7 districts could not meet the PD when he visited Trichy on 31st July and 1st August 2017.PD of TANSACS took up the matter very seriously for NGO PDs not meeting him at Trichy during these two days and NGOs Directors are to face awful state of affairs. If TSU would have intervened at this stage such a spiteful situation should have been shunned for NGO Project Directors.TSU Team washed off their hands and informed us that the TSU head is not in a position to inform the PD TANSACS due to protocol. Training, capacity building and networking has been a critical part of TSU/NGOs approach to improve its interventions and to spread its proven strategies to other uncovered villages.NGO Forum further viewed further, "Within a short span of time, PDs will comprehend the project swiftly and monitor the implementation of the projects as one of the duties as Head of TANSACS. PDs are often transferred and when the new PD Join he/she needs inclusive information and data about various projects being implemented. It is the duty of TSU to provide the bullet points of NACO Guidelines PD-TANSACS as it is the one of the duties of TSU Head, Samy Iyer has to inform PD, TANSACS  on all technical matters. It is also prime duty of TSU to train the field level functionaries those as NGOs in Capacity building and training of personnel. Most reports are furnished from the field through online and the field level reporting personnel are not well versed in on-line reporting. There is no financial provision given for NGOs to train field level staff members on in-service training and the only source is that these staff members need periodic online reporting and data filtering and process”.NGO Forum also stated “Basically NGO functionaries are good in field activities and there is delay in compiling the data and forward them online takes time for senior monitoring and evaluation staff members of NGOs. It is alleged that the project officers visiting NGOs are involved in fault finding mission rather than training and orienting the grass root level functionaries especially the on-line reporting personnel. The field level needs are not shared with their reporting officials, like PD, TANSACS. PD may have several works, but it is important that his associates should enlighten what is the requirement and how to bridge the gaps of the project. Most times, the TSU officials respond that they have no protocol to enlighten the various project needs.TSU need to play a role of supporting NGOs in the areas of HIV/AIDS intervention and the unit should not be suppressing the local NGO initiatives”.-Kris

Dr.K.Sentil Raj I A S Project Director of TANSACS Condemned by TANSACS NGO/CBO FORUM for insulting Senior NGO Director/NGO staff members.

TANSACS NGO/CBO FORUM submitted a Memorandum and condemned the burning issue as it was brought in the FORUM, that Dr.K.Sentil Raj I A S Project Director of TANSACS insulting and humiliating one of the Senior NGO Directors and his team of staff members who had come for the debriefing meeting of the LWS Implementing NGOs  on 04 08 2017 at TANSACS Chennai.
Tamilnadu State AIDS Control Society-Chennai
Kind attention: Dr. Senthil Raj-IAS                                                                                                                                                  08 08 2017
Greetings from TANSACS – NGO/CBO FORUM.
On behalf of the TANSACS NGO/CBO FORUM, which was formed exclusively for addressing the issues and challenges amongst the TANSACS funded NGOs and CBOs implementing Targeted Intervention programmes and to achieve the overall objective of bringing down the HIV prevalence in the state, WE SUBMIT THIS MEMORANDUM. 
On behalf of the TANSACS NGO/CBO FORUM, we had already made a representation to you on 26th July, 2017.
On that  day (26 07 2017) some of the NGO/CBO Directors /Chief Functionaries had come to meet you to present that Memorandum but had to wait for more than 3 ½ hours to see you. After getting the permission, the NGO Directors had entered into your office, where you had expressed your displeasure in meeting and have shown your cold shoulders to them.

After your assuming office as the Project Director of TANSACS, the NGO Directors had come to see you for the first time with high hopes and expectations to discuss on the current issues and problems related to the delay in the fund disbursements. That day you could have shown some cordiality and a welcome gesture, instead you had been unfriendly and had expressed an authoritative tone during that few minutes of conversation, making them stand without offering seats and a space for discussion, which had ignited the NGO Directors to take up the issue further to the knowledge of the Chief Secretary and Health Secretary of Government of Tamilnadu. 
The said matter was discussed at the TANSACS NGO/CBO FORUM meeting which was held on 08 08 2017, at Trichy, where the NGO/CBO Directors, strongly condemned your intimidating and unapproachable attitude towards the representatives.
It was further resolved unanimously to pass a RESOLUTION to CONDEMN your domineering attitude towards the NGO/CBO Directors and send this Memorandum to you. Further to that, another burning issue was brought in the FORUM, that of you insulting and humiliating one of the Senior NGO Directors and his team of staff members who had come for the  debriefing meeting of the LWS Implementing NGOs  on 04 08 2017 at TANSACS Chennai. You were supposed to attend the two days meeting on 3rd and 4th August, 2017 where all the 15 LWS Implementing NGO Directors had been waiting for you. Whereas you appeared only on the second day at 6.10 pm, and you should have been aware of the fact that the NGO Directors had to travel back and had booked their return tickets, for which TANSACS had not provided any travel allowance also. All the NGO Directors were disappointed in the way they were treated and uncared while they were there in the TANSACS office for those two days. Adding fuel to the fire you had appeared at the last minute just before they were about to leave and had humiliated by your domineering acts and deeds.
You had been impolite in the meeting hall with all the Directors and in particular had abused one of the senior most NGO Directors Mr. Govindarajan - Founder/Director of SEVAI, a leading NGO implementing various programmes with the Government for the last 42 years in Trichy. You had also abused one senior lady staff (Ms Sudha – Assistant Director SEVAI-Trichy) by using words which are not used in such forums amongst educated people and people holding high offices. You had also shouted at the District Resource Person; a senior staff of SEVAI who had worked in the field of HIV /AIDS for the last 20 years, questioning his appointment which is a personal insult to him.
Moreover, Mr. Govindarajan – Founder/Director of SEVAI, aged 65 years was made to stand and when he wanted to sit due to his knee pain, you had raised your voice and shouted at him to remain standing. Your inhuman and authoritative and tyrannical behavior towards Mr. Govindarajan is taken very seriously among the NGO/CBO Directors and is CONDEMNED
On behalf of the TANSACS NGO/CBO FORUM we would like to state that your mean minded, inhuman and harsh behaviors towards the NGO heads and the NGO staff members are strongly CONDEMNED, CRITICISED and any more such act of yours would be seriously taken to task for necessary action against you.
With great regret and unhappiness we submit this MEMORANDUM to you on behalf of the TANSACS NGO/CBO FORUM.
Dr.T.S.Ramkumar                                                                                        CONVENER                                                                                                 Mr. Berlin Jose.                                                                                          CO-CONVENER

Dr.K.Senthilraj I A S, the Project Director of TANSACS harassed a woman activist in Chennai.

Dr.K.Senthil Raj I. A. S,  Project Director of TANSACS violates human rights and involved in
K.Sentil Raj I A S, Project Director,TANSACSS

harassment of woman” in a review meeting held in TANSACS-Chennai on 4th August 2017,narrated by Mrs.C.Suda, a 33 years woman Activist, of Trichirapalli based NGO SEVAI. “It is a pity that a young I A S officer Dr.K.Senthil Raj I. A. S,the project Director of TANSACS-Chennai is behaved as if he is unaware that   Human rights means the rights  relating to life, liberty, equality and dignity of the individual guaranteed under the Constitution or embodied in the International Covenants and enforced by courts in India. All human beings are born with some unalienable rights like life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The importance of these natural rights can be found in the fact that these are fundamental for their proper existence and no other rights can be enjoyed without the presence of rights to life and liberty. Mrs.Suda further said, “
The Government and Human right commissions both in centre and State should enquire and take appropriate against Dr.K.Sentil Raj I.A.S, presently working as Project Director, TANSACS for the offences of violation of human rights, outraging the modesty of women and for his verbal and emotional abuses and harassment against woman personally committed in an official meeting.         At the outset, it is stated that the behavior of the Dr.K.Sentil Raj I. A. S, Project Director, TANSACS is an unbecoming of a government servant both in moral and in legal aspects. First of all being a government servant he must possess the quality of neutrality among all the officials, sub ordinates and co coordinating agencies.SEVAI is a voluntary Organization for development needy population in the areas of AIDS Prevention, comprehensive Health, Education, cost effective housing, Women Self help groups, and Watershed management etc. for the past 42 years. SEVAI is works in the areas of AIDS Prevention and control in association with TANSACS for around 13 years. Link Workers Scheme and Target intervention Projects are being implemented by SEVAI with the support of NACO through TANSACS.Several evaluations are being conducted and were also conducted currently and also during past years. We also worked with several Project Directors of TANSACS and we had smooth running of projects. 
      The current Project Director of TANSACS Dr.K.Sentil Raj I. A. S performs very strangely and insults the NGO heads/CBO Leaders and project implementing functionaries. The Project Director of TANSACS Dr.K.Sentil Raj I. A. S said that he was going to conduct two days training on 3 and 4th August 2017 for NGO Directors and project functionaries regarding Link Workers Scheme. All the NGO Directors from various districts were in Chennai for two days 3rd and 4th August. Project Director of TANSACS Dr.K.Sentil Raj I. A. S came to project review on the second day at 6.10 PM.Project Director of TANSACS has all the rights to review the program, but we would like to submit that PD TANSACS had personally attributed hostility on SEVAI Founder/Director and SEVAI Staff members   for the reasons best known to him. He also treated other NGO leaders very badly in front of their project functionaries. During the project review meeting, although we did well in implementing Link Workers Scheme in Trichirapalli District, Project Director of TANSACS started wounding SEVAI team with no reference to documents, especially Evaluation report shared with us on 3rd August 2017.
Just in three minutes after the start of review meeting on 4th August 2017, Dr.K.Senthil Raj I. A. S, Project Director of TANSACS had furiously raised his voice on SEVAI team why did not attend his review meeting conducted on 1st August 2017 at Trichy. He responded that TANSACS District unit (DAPCU) asked only Target Intervention- Project Manager and District Resource Persons of Link Workers Scheme of NGOs, such as SEVAI are to attend  review meeting at Trichy collector's office conducted by the Director  and rest of the SEVAI team as supported by TANSACS are to remain in their respective offices. That is the reason why, Our SEVAI Director submitted respectfully that he could not attend review meeting conducted in Trichy. It is the case for all the NGO Directors of LWS,TI projects of TANSACS of Trichy, Pudukottai, Thanjavur, Perambalur and Ariyalur and that is the reason why none of the NGO Directors attended the review meeting they have no other reason to avoid the review meeting. The TANSACS Team also confirmed that NGO Project Directors were not invited for the review meeting.When Our Director brought out this fact to Dr.K.Senthil Raj I. A. S, Project Director of TANSACS kind consideration, he expressed his dismay on our TANSACS Director’s and he expressed his awkwardness that our Director was arguing with him and he asked him to apologize for response in front of ail NGOs, staff members of NGOs and TANSAC’s officers. Our Director was shocked about his shout and he did not know what for he has to make an apology for none of his fault. We respect IAS officers and we had also attended several review meetings and none of them treated us inhumanly as he did it in the review meeting over the years. Neither our organization SEVAI nor our Director receive any financial support from TANSACS. The funds sent by TANSAC’s were distributed as the project staff salary as per NACO Guidelines as expected by TANSACS on e-transfer basis. More over we receive the grant after a gap of 3- 4 months and SEVAI provides advances to run TANSACS Projects and TANSACS funds are transferred on reimbursement basis only, we need to keep readily around Rs. 12,000,00 to run these projects and never stopped the project staff salary and project activities for want of Transfer of funds from TANSACS”.
Mrs.Suda added “I have a long standing in NGO field submitted humbly my views of the reality for SEVAI Head was not invited me, the Project Director had also intimidated me and abused me with unparliamentarily words” and “awkwardly dealt with me with woman harassment terminology- "Are you not ashamed-Vekam Kettaval "and I started howling with ignominy and humiliation. The Project Director, TANSACS is neither my superior nor his offices pays any payment for my work. Dr.K.Senthil Raj I. A. S, Project Director of TANSACS clearly overstepped his line of control by violating human rights and involved in verbal harassment of woman”.

Dr.K.Sentil Raj also addressed SEVAI LWS District Resource Person", P.Subramanian in singular and he used coldhearted words on him also. The way he treated me and the project staff is highly cruel and it is purely human right violation and the harassment on woman.    Till the end of meeting the verbal abuse continued and I bound to hear all the scolding. Apar from that, I was not permitted to sit on chair till the end of meeting just to humiliate in others eye. I have also attended the entire meeting in a standing position. Dr.K.Senthil Raj I. A. S,  Project Director of TANSACS challenged me not to sit on allotted chair. The frightening attitude of the Dr.K.Senthil Raj I. A. S,  Project Director of TANSACS lead to chaos in the meeting and in implementation of projects and such behavior will ruin the prestigious program of Government organization. Due to such continuous standing as a woman in front of several men I had the sense of humiliation, weariness, fatigue and knee pain on the spot. Even my repeated requests to seat on my chair were never heeded by the Project Dr.K.Senthil Raj I. A. S, Project Director of TANSACS..       All the misdeeds were committed by the wrong guidance and instigation of Sri S.Swaminathan, Technical Head and R.Rabbindran, Project officer. Both of them add fuel to the fire with an ulterior motive to defame me, NGOs and all gatherings.I would like to submit my humble request that a fair and free enquiry is to be conducted for such human right violation and woman harassment by this Dr.K.Senthil Raj I. A. S, Project Director of TANSACS trough proper channel”- Kris