Monday, January 12, 2015

Poolaippoo" Kappu kattu is an important faith in Thottiyapatty region for Pongal

Poolaipoo collection for Pongal Kappu Kattu

Poolaippoo" Kappu kattu is an important faith in Tamilnadu for Pongal, the traditional tamil festival celebrated all over Tamilnadu. Pongal is the festival that thanks Sun as it is the primary source of life on earth. Without sun and its rays plants can not produce food. Pongal is celebrated after the farmers harvest their agriculture produce.Rural Children are joyful in collecting “poolaippoo" from their fields  for the traditional function of harvest festival  of Pongal Kappu Kattu Function, celebrated in the evening time in all temples in and around Thottiyapatty and Dasilnaicknaoor and Tamilnadu rural areas, and also it was celebrated in all houses who celebrate pongal festival. This is the first day celebration of Pongal festival. This day is also called Boghi where all old items are cleaned up and disposed to give way for the new. This day is called "Kaappu kattura naal" - meaning the day we tie kappu. It comes on the previous day to Thai onnu. Here is an account of how the Pongal festival is celebrated in a typical
vegetable production in full swing for Pongal
tamil village. Pongal is celebrated on the Month of 'Thai' when sun enters makara rashi of the zodiac circle. The first day of Thai is the pongal day. The day before is celbrated as 'bogi' festival, in which the old and useless household items are put into fire. 'Kappu kattu' (kappu means secure) is done in the evening. The 'neem' leaves are kept along the walls and roof of the houses. This will eliminate the evil forces. This announces the coming of new beginning, new year, new fortunes and hopes.The children tie the "poolaippoo" (the white feathery ball like flowers) and maavilai (mango leaves) bunches in the roof. Veettup Pongal or Suriyan Pongal comes on Thai 1 - Celebrated at home - time of day morning - Sakkarai pongal.Then on Thai 2 we have Mattu Pongal or patti (sheep enclosure) pongal - celebrated in the farm - time of day evening (dinner) with kollu paruppu, katharikkai and poosanikkai kozhambu, kollu rasam and thayir.Thai 3 - Poo parikkira nonbi/nombi (nombi - festival). For unmarried girls - they pluck flowers and go to the aathagarai and let the flowers in the water. Usually on the same day there will be a fair in a nearby village and everyone (young ones) will go there by savari vandi or kattai vandi (2 different versions of bullock cart) and have a gala time there. On all days during the festival week, there will be different dances (kummi, oyil etc) and celebration generally.-Govin

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