Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SEVAI Woman Self Help Groups bag Indian Republic day Cash awards

District collector Mahesan Kasirajan hands over award to Chitra and Nithya of SEVAI.
SEVAI Woman Self Help Groups bag Indian Republic day Cash awards for their outstanding life skills 10 out 12 announced by the authorities in Trichy District on the occasion of the Republic day celebrations organized by District Administration in Anna Stadium, Trichy. The awards for women self help group members are given for their outstanding performance in life skills performance and the awardees are Andanallur Chitra,Pettavaithalai Malarvizhi,Kambarasampettai Palaiammal, Irungagalur Vijalakshimi,Valavanthankottai Anadhi,Keelakalkandarkottai gunavathi,Pahanoor Mary Elizabeth,Kariyamanickam Nithiya,Revathy of Allur, Pudukudi Chenbagavalli.SEVAI Director,K.Govindaraju,Project officer,Chitra,Women SHG District coordinator Vanitha and authorities of Women Development corporation congratulated the award winners.
‘A good constitution is the greatest blessing which a socie¬ty can enjoy." said K.Govindaraju, in his speech on the occasion of Republic day celebrations in Trichy.In Republic day flag hoisting function, subsequently organized by Trichy Muthamil Kalai Panpattu Maiyam in open air auditorium in its Kalaiarangam premises, all the SEVAI Awardees, WERE congratulated for bagging the cash awards of Government for life skills competitions by the secretary K.Govindaraju of Muthamil Kalai Panpattu Maiyam in Trichy District. Speaking after hoisting the national flag on 26, January, Trichy Muthamil Secretary, K.Govindaraju said that republic day has true sense of the national integrity and fairness in Governance. He further said that ‘Let’s remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of India. There are many significant tasks that are to be attended to, the pledge to empower the poor and the marginalized sections, where Indian dignity and individual freedoms are guaranteed by an enlightened Constitution to maintaining harmony, peace and brotherhood to grow and to create a just society with aim of poverty eradication and of inclusive growth of the poorest of poor with greater transparency and accountability.
K.Govindaraju added that ''No nation is perfect, it must be made perfect'', young people must work hard to make it India a perfect nation. We the next leaders of this country may try to make it as perfect as possible. Republic day is happily celebrated because of some great leaders who sacrificed their life for India. Education, health and skill building efforts are to create productive human resources, urban and rural development schemes will make Indian cities and villages sustainable. ‘A Republic Day is a day for drawing the balance sheet of our country about the successes that we have achieved and the failures that we have suffered during the past decades of the functioning of the Republic. Programmes for women, the youth, the girl child, the differently-abled and marginalized sections of society will have to equip them to avail of opportunities and face the future with confidence. We need to address the problems of orphans and street children, as well as of the old and destitute. Only a genuine partnership between the Government and its people can bring about positive change to create a just society’. K.Govindaraju further said ‘there are good, competent, brilliant persons serving in the State. Persons who are dependable, persons who are capable of competent performance and play their role very correctly, persons who can deliver goods and take our country to great heights are in good number. Our education should prepare such citizens in India’.
‘Modem civilization offers a great variety of diversions, amusements, and enticements - some of them baneful. But modem civilization does not offer many inducements to the performance of duties, except perhaps monetary payment, and certainly it does not teach people that the real reward for responsible citizenship is the preservation of a free society. Nearly all of us are quick to claim benefits, but not everybody is eager to fulfill obligations. We have become obsessed with rights, forgetful of responsibilities. In an age of seeming affluence, a great many people find it easy to forget that all good things must be paid for by somebody or other - paid for through hard work, through painful abstinence, sometimes through bitter sacrifice.
Below we set down some of the causes for the decline of a sense of responsibility among our citizens’ said Govindaraju. In this function several others spoke and one Mr.K.Devendran, an organic farmer on this occasion said’ We are moving away from nature and are losing many of our indigenous tradition and culture and to save ourselves from this crisis, organic farming needs to be supported and promoted’. He further said ‘Due to change in lifestyle people can be seen spending a good portion of their earnings on medicines to maintain good health. It’s necessary to create awareness among the people on the need for the production and consumption of chemical-free foods’.
Chitra project officer, SEVAI opined that for the existence of mankind, the practice of organic farming needs to be sustained. She further said that the farmers are stakeholders in every aspect related to agriculture, whether it is cultivation related activities, they must be involved in all various activities, with a sensitivity that safeguards their rights on their land and its produce, our researchers are to look at high-end technology as also at cost-effective, location-specific and affordable innovations for wider use. Development and progress require an environment of stability and security. Many developments in the last few years have brought to our attention the importance of united action to achieve our goals besides emphasizing the need to continue to adhere to the basic values of our country. Chitra further said that SHGs are playing important role in disseminating the need for organic farming with good yields of food grains. ‘Self-help groups play a vital role in maintaining the surroundings and should become guardians of the environment.
"Self-help groups like residents associations form a vital link at the micro- level. It is high time we changed the concept that the Government and civic bodies will do everything for the people. We should become guardians of the environment and there has to be awareness about protecting our natural resources’ said Women coordinator Vanitha. Earlier SICE Community college principal Xyian Stephen welcomed the gathering and the trainer Nithya proposed vote of thanks.-Govin

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