Monday, January 31, 2011

‘Trichirappalli District Welfare committee’

Trichirappalli District Welfare committee’ a trichy committee, reaches the neediest populations of Trichy district at times of crisis .
Speaking in  the Murtamil Kalai Papattu Maiyam Pongal valedictory function, the treasurer of District Welfare Committee, Dr.K.Govindarajan disclosed that ‘Trichirappalli District disclosed that District Welfare committee’ is a committee that reaches the neediest populations of Trichy district at times of crisis and further added that the staff attached with the Treasurer’s office are not Government employees and they are working on consolidated pay on contract basis. The Trichirappalli District Welfare committee is a local charity founded in 1962 with liberal contribution of philonthaphist of Trichy district Thappai Sundaram Reddiar, Dr.Mathuram, Advocate Krishnamurthy Rao, R.Jayadevan Chettiyar; Hiraniyamanagalam T.P.Reddiar.At the appeal of then District Collector Gulam Mohamed for conducting a cattle show. With the left over funds of Rupees 642 after the cattle show, an Association of Persons (AOP) in the name of Trichirappalli District Welfare Committee was started. The members requested Late K.A.P.Viswanathan to act as the custodian and Secretary/treasurer of this unregistered Charity of The Trichirappalli District Welfare committee. The committee requested then District Collector Thiru.Gulam Mohamed to serve as Hon. President for promoting the idea of this charity The Trichirappalli District Welfare committee. As it is a local committee formed, District Collector served the commitee at his personal capacity. District Collector Gulam Mohamed Basha used to chair  the meetings of this charity as hon. member.

However the entire operation was handled by the custodian K.A.P, Viswanathan as treasurer. Following the convention of District Collector Gulam Mohamed Basha, subsequent District collectors also served and continue to serve  as the Hon. President and the same status is being maintained for maintaining the affairs of the District Welfare committee, as K.AP.Viswanathan as custodian and treasurer of this committee. The committee members took it sportive to raise funds through cultural benefit shows of popular actors and actress of those days. Although the funds were collected for starting a medical college, as funds were not needed as Government started Medical College in Trichy out of its own funds, the committee Out of District Welfare committee fund a land in area of 3.25 acres was bought from Government on payment and a modern cinema hall was constructed and named as Kalaiarangam near Central bus stand. With the revenue from the lease of Kalaiarangam, charity activities had been undertaken for supporting health and medical expences for those are in most need, educational support for poor and needy, attending emergency relief needs of fire accidents, floods and cyclones etc.Dr.K.Govindarajan took over as the custodian and treasurer of District Welfare committee in 1988,and developed the resources with the support of the rest of members and public and constructed the commercial complex which generates around Rs.10,00,000 a year and a marriage hall for a capacity of 1200 persons has also been constructed and it generates around 1500000 a year. The movie theatre fetches and the extra space fetches around 50,00,000 a year and the annual revenue is around Rs.75,00,000 out of the rental charges. Then District Collector T.Soundiah took initiative of promoting Trichy academy for Competitive Examinations, Muthamil Kalai Panpattu Maiyam, Trisakthi for women, Sports and youth development wing Called SYSTEM.Tresurer K.Govindaraju took initiative of raising funds for Muthamil Kalai Panpattu Maiyam, Trisakthi for women, Sports and youth development wing Called SYSTEM.A space of for Trichy club has been allotted for a short duration without any rent and they only pay a nominal rent of Rs.500 for the corporation taxes. As the revenue is not coming from Government, District Welfare committee depends on its revenue only on rental charges and need to pay taxes, it is proposed to go for more buildings for common cause and also for raising funds for charity purposes for the District as every second year we face floods, fire etc.

In a court case regarding rental litigation, the high court of Chennai has pronounced that District Welfare committee is an independent and it is not the organ of State. The members of the committee and its off shoot organizations extend the heartfelt thanks to the District Collectors and some District level officials for their voluntary services although District Welfare committee is not Government organ. Thanks to the Present Collector, Thiru.Mahesan Kasirajan for his clear understanding of the legal status of District welfare committee.ENS