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Anniversary of at SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School celebrated with difference

Trichy: Feb11: The anniversary of SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School took place on 11th February 2011 in School premises. Mr.Jayakumar Inspector of Matriculation Schools, Trichy participated as the chief guest distributed prizes to students for outstanding academic performance. In address, Mr.Jayakumar appreciated the efforts of the school management for providing well equipped infrastructure and the school is run purely on service basis and management takes financial commitment to run this school with such well equipped facilities and quality education. This rural school reaches the poor persons to have quality education. He said the students and parents are fortunate to have, one of the best schools available now in this region. Inspector of Matriculation Schools further added’ I am sure that, this school will come the best in this district. It’s my pleasure to come here on this beautiful occasion and greet you all. It’s really fascinating for me to spend time with you all. I wonder how they have organized such fantastic function in a short time. It’s really a great achievement to get these much greatness in studies, games, discipline and so on in short term. I thanks to management for inviting me here and if any help needs for this school, please contact me at any time’. The chief guest also motivated the children towards extracurricular activities and emphasized that the achievements in the field of sports would take the students to greater heights of name and fame. He advised the younger generation to strive and attain high quality in all their attempts.

Mrs.Mallika, Principal of the School welcomed the gathering and she said that ‘We welcome you all for the School anniversary of SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School. On behalf of our school management, teachers and students, I welcome our chief guest, parents and everyone. I am happy to see that large number of students and parents to participate in our school anniversary. I specially thanks to Inspector of Matriculation School and the Equal Health Team from Australia to accept our invitation and love to meet all and make participation here. In the last year 10th standard exam, our schools made 100% pass out and happy to say that one of a few schools in the district claimed 100% pass out. Most of our school students get around 85-90% marks in 10th board exam. We are increasing our standard day by day and we are going to be the best and number one school in the upcoming year. The management and staff who work for all these activities are completely convinced that academic should never take the back seat. The co-curricular and extracurricular activities are like appendages to the main activity of academics. This school approaches its responsibilities from a global perspective while preparing the children to become good positive citizen of our great nation. All round development is the framework on which SEVAI education is built.

School Administrator Xyian Stephen mentioned in her introductory speech that a package of ‘English (Computer knowledge coupled with Life Enrichment Education) is   one of the very important language because it is widely accepted and also called international language. He has given some basic but important points that will help the students to speak English without any problem. Dr.K.Govindaraju had come outs some steps and lightened “Always start with the basic grammar books of small classes so that the base of your English become too strong..Pronunciation is also a very good factor. Always try to think first what you are going to say. Start reading English newspaper and magazines so that your understanding become better. Always try to consult your problem with your teacher as well as your friends. Try to speak in English with your friends. Try to use small sentences in the initial stage, Speaking in English is not a hard task to do but the main thing is to understand that, You have to be a good listener before anything, Try to make out your mistakes in English by writing some essays on any subject, If you write a page daily your writing skills will also increase,. After getting a good base start reading good novels, you will see after doing all the things you will be having a good English skills and knowledge.

Correspondent Dr.K.Govindaraju shared the need for kinder garden schools. He also thanked all the donors for their generous contribution to upgrade the school from kinder garden to Secondary grade level over the years. He enlightened the global economy and the current need for quality education for global completion for jobs and livelihood promotion  further said the need for bridging rural and urban areas by providing urban amenities to Rural areas by  Societal connectivity, Physical connectivity, Electronic connectivity, Educational connectivity and Knowledge connectivity by quoting Dr.Abdul Kalam.He also insisted that the need for Kinder schools and further said, ‘I still remember my first day at school. I was really scared. I had gone for school directly without going to a kindergarten first. I cried a lot that day. However the case with my son was different because he had gone to a kindergarten before starting school. So he was a confident boy on the first day of the school and had gone to school happily without shedding a tear. In fact he consoled the other children who were crying. Kindergarten schools are essential part of our society now. Parents send their toddlers to these kindergarten schools where the all round development of the children is looked after from the very beginning. The traditional system was to start the child's education in English by teaching the alphabet right from A. But with the coming up of kindergarten schools this has changed. Now the toddlers are taught in English Alphabet in an easier way. First they are taught to make standing lines and sleeping lines. Then they are gradually taught alphabet like L, T and I which are made up of standing lines and sleeping lines. Doesn't this make it a lot easier for the child to grasp the things quickly? Kindergarten schools have lots of advantages. There is a kid whose parents are extremely busy. The "nannies" those are available to take care of the kids. The parents can leave their child with a nanny and get busy with their own work but they will be worrying about the kids constantly. Here a kindergarten and do their work freely without tension for their child. In a kindergarten the child will get to learn how to adjust with kids of his own age. He will get used to the school environment. What's more, he will also develop his emotional and social skills. It is believed that the grasping power of a kid is the strongest during the age span of 2 to 6 years, so why not hone the skills of a child from the very beginning’, he concluded by questioning.

Dr.K.Govindaraju further said that SEVAI School students are exposed to the four basic skills for the success of life, skill to take decisions in a short time, skill to accept difficult situations, skill to communicate what he has in mind to others effectively, skill to work under pressure.Apart from their regular activities specially designed programme, personality enhancement programe gives them opportunity to learn through social activities. All the students are required to be part of this programme. They have to visit industries, agricultural farms, museum and places of historical importance in and around Trichy. At the end of year they have to prepare an adequate project report using the experience they gain out of such visits. Apart from this programme they have to involve themselves in social activities to prepare the students entrusted to them to face the world boldly with justice, equality, liberty and fraternity. A school, which prepares their students only for the board examination will never achieve this end. A school that has futuristic approach knows the difference between teaching for marks and teaching for life. SEVAI School has a judicious mixture of these both ingredients of education. A school will be handicapped if one is totally removed from the other. A student of such a school has exciting experience of gathering more and more skills for his life.’ the Correspondent concluded.

Two hours cultural events were given by the school students from LKG to Higher secondary classes. They were thought provoking and also entertaining their talents. with difference performed by the students. Student Pavithra entertained the audience with a mathematics puzzle. She said that ‘Take any two digit number to calculate its square. For example 28 We know,28 * 28=784, now with another  method we  can calculate it more faster. At first write square of 8 .i.e 64,Then add the last digits .i.e 8+8=16,Now add this 16 with ten times the first digit of the number.i.e 16 + 2*10=36.Now multiply 36 with the first digit .i.e 2 =72,Thus now we have 72 and 64 (including the 64 we got before),Now write it as 7264,then add the middle digits and get the answer .i.e 784,If you know digits in the square of a 2-digit number & you have got that number of digits before adding the middle digits of number got at last(7264) then do not add the digits as it is only your answer’. The entire elite audience appreciated the initiative of Pavithra performing a mathematics puzzle as an interesting entertainment event.
Dr.Paul Clarke, Team Leader of Equal Health, Australia, and three of Equal Health Medical team offered felicitations. Head Mistress of Government Adi Dravidar Higher Secondary School, Trichy and Head Mistress and teachers of SEVAI Schools and members of SEVAI staff participated in this function.  
Mrs.Latha, Assistant Head Mistress proposed vote of thanks and said ‘Once again, we all thanks to parents, and our special guest to participate in the anniversary functions. Also I thank to students for being silent in the occasion. She also specially thanked chief guest, guests of honour Equal Health Team for giving dental hygiene services to school students. I request everyone, please take your dinner. Thanks for everyone’, she concluded.ETNS

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