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Amoor cottages place of attraction for holidays in South India.

Amoor cottages are source of energizer for holidays in South India. Amoor cottages are situated in Amoor of Trichy District of Tamilnadu and this is a small village located about 26 Kms North-West of Srirangam on the Trichy-Namakkal-Salem highway on the Northern banks of Cauvery near the Upper Anaicut (Mukkombu, Mukkombu is a beautiful River Cauvery view centre located in the outskirts of Trichirappalli in a distance of 14 km from the city Trichy. One can stay in Amoor cottage just for one night, as a stop-over in one’s trip in South India, but you can especially benefit from our package tour to learn about Indian traditions and culture. Through typical activities, you will encounter national birds, local craftsmen and craftswomen and much more: Discovery of local agriculture (banana fields, rice fields…) Enjoying local delicacies on banana leaves, Sharing time with women of the village who work in Self Help Group thanks to micro credit system, Handcraft shops visits (mat weaving, pottery), Discovery of the surrounding nature, Shanti school visit, Hinduism initiation by the Brahman of the village. Mukkombu has various attractions such as amusement park, children’s garden, sports facilities, fishing facilities, etc. Mukombu, the upper dam constructed across the river of Cauvery and Kolladam is an added attraction. Boating and fishing is conducted in the upper uncut. We can reach the other bank of Cauvery by crossing the dam. With its cool atmosphere and green surroundings Mukkombu serves as a perfect destination for peace and retains the culture of the hamlets all along the both side of River Cauvery) The Amoor village is 3 mile away from Mukombu in the northern back of River Cauvery and one Km from the famous temple town Gunaseelam (Gunaseelam Vishnu temple is located in the banks of Cauvery in Trichy-Salem route around 15 km from Trichirappalli. Gunaseelam Vishnu Temple is one of the oldest and important vaishnav temples in south India. Gunaseelam is considered as south Tirupathi and people give their offering that they used to offer to Lord Balaji at Tirupathi. People consider Gunaseelam as a place with sanity and have the power to cure physical and mental illness. Due to this belief, mentally ill people are taken to Gunaseelam temple and kept there until they become normal. Gunaseelam is located in the midst of beautiful coconut groves and green paddy fields).  Amoor is ancient village which falls in Trichirappalli District (Tiruchirapalli is shortly referred as Trichy. Trichy is located on the Cauvery river banks. Trichy is the fourth biggest city of Tamil Nadu. The early Cholas sited Trichy as their citadel. Trichy gives an absolute combination of tradition and contemporary surroundings. There are several churches, colleges, missions, and temples dating back to 1700s. Trichy airport has regular flight services to Chennai and Bangalore. Chennai (316 km) and Bangalore (337) are two major airports nearest to Tiruchy. These airports are well connected with all airports in India and many cities abroad. The town in Trichy was built by the Madurai Nayaks. Trichy is an eminent place as it has bestowed with impressive Tamil scholars who have contributed significantly for the Tamil literature. The festivals are celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. The holiness of this place can felt during each occasion. Trichy is a flourishing commercial hub of Tamil Nadu. The rock fort is the landmark of this magnificent holy city. Trichy is popular for artificial diamonds, glass bangles, handloom cloth, cigars and clay toys. It has spectacular monuments and temples making it a divine and pleasant place of visit). The village (Amoor Agraharam) is sanctified by continuously celebrating the Sri Ramanavami Utsavam since year 1837 (Tamil: Year – Hevilambi, Month – Chitra).The utsav was started and celebrated in a small way in one of the villager’s house by the then mukhya pramukhs of the village, namely; Sri Venkatachalam Iyengar (Sri Ramudu Josier’s father), Sri Abbai Iyer (alias Annasappa Rama Iyer) and Sri Subramania Iyer (Sri Natesa Iyer’s father). The utsav is celebrated for ten days during the period of Ramanavami with the same old photograph of the Bhagwan. Generation to generation, year after year; this utsav is ritually celebrated to this date. The upper dam constructed across the river of Cauvery and Kolladam is an added attraction. Boating and fishing is conducted in the upper uncut. We can reach the other bank of Cauvery by crossing the dam. With its cool atmosphere and green surroundings Mukkombu serves as a perfect picnic destination for thousands of people in the neighboring districts. Gunaseelam-Amoor East is a famous Vishnu temple near Trichi, India. An unusual thing about this temple is that mentally challenged people are taken to the temple and kept around it for years, in the hope that God will cure the illness. The etymology of the name derives from "Gunam" (Cure) and "Seelam" (Place), meaning the place in which all illness are cured. This temple is around 20 miles from Trichi. Of the Vishnu Temples, Gunaseelam stands out as the first and foremost among the Abhimana Sthalams, just like Srirangam being the prime among the 108 Divya Desas. The deity of Thirumalai Thirupathi, Sri Thiru Venkatamudaiyan, sung by many a saintly poet, called Alwars, and even by Elango Adigal in his Silappadikaram, appeared as fruit for the ardent prayer of Maharishi Gunaseelar in this small village, situated on the outskirts of Tiruchirapalli. The Amoor/Gunaseelam villages itself attained the name of Gunaseelam after the Maharishi. Gunaseelam is also called the South Tirupathi, and devotees submit their offerings as part of their prarthanas made to Lord Srinivasa, the Lord of Seven Hills at Gunaseelam Lord's altar. The scepter that the Lord holds in his right hand is the instrument with which he cures the mental and physical afflictions of the ailing and alleviates the distressed from their sufferings. The pleasant and clean little thatched-roof houses provide power and running water. The huts are made up with a front door balcony, a room and an attached bathroom in western style.In all the huts, fans are fitted and the beds are covered with a mosquito net. Every hut is designed especially to accommodate 2 persons but in case of needed, there is enough space for an extra-bed for a third person with the cultural background of Tamil Population.The main objective Is to present the area of Trichy in an alternative manner by living side by side with locals and to give the opportunité to visit SEVAI(, the first NGO in Tamil Nadu.Indeed, one will get in touch with another culture in a responsible and fair way with a people-centered approach. Moreover, one can participate in the development and the prosperity of the local communities since 100% of the profits will be used to drive education and women projects within SEVAI.  A bumpy bullock cart ride, a diffusion of intricate kolams, SEVAI women projects like livelihood promotion activities, quality of life improvement and equivalency Education and development projects and organic farming are the areas of attraction as these have been promoted by SEVAI and local Self Help Groups. “What I love best about India is the warmth of the people. They make immediate eye-contact and you feel an instant connection with them,” said a noted French Poet Roseline from South France. ‘Amoor-Gunaseelam-upper dam’ is one of the most popular Heritage destinations in Trichy .With large number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Trichy throughout the year and especially from October to March. i. Accordingly a number of budget Hotels in Trichy have come up to provide decent, comfortable accommodations to the visitors. The Accommodation in Amoor gives you the opportunity of traveling around villages and rural project and Trichy city. SEVAI is going on an aggressive note to promote Eco and cultural Tourism by organizing “Amoor Utsav” every year. Et.News Service.