Monday, March 28, 2011

Arasangudi Bharthi Jothi Honoured on World Drama Day

TRICHY, 28, March: Veteran theater artist Arasangudi Bharthi Jothi was honoured on World Drama Day in Trichy was honoured by South Zone Board of Continuing Education on 27TH March 2011 on the world drama day. The Board Chairman Dr.K.Govindaraju honoured Bharthi Jothi with an award titled’ Peace Theatre Award’ and Ponadai for his outstanding drama recently staged’Kallanaiyai Kattiya Karikaal Cholan’.On this occasion, Dr.K.Govindaraju, Chairman of South Zone Board of Continuing Education said’ ‘World Drama Day was created in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute. It is celebrated annually on the 27th March and various national and international theatre events are organized to mark this occasion with International Message ‘Theatre is for Culture of Peace’. Theatre activists all over the world observe March 27 as World Drama Day. The celebration was first held in Vienna in 1961 when the International Theatre Institute declared March 27 as the World Drama Day. From 1962 onwards this day has been observed all over the world. South Zone Board of Continuing Education identifies an outstanding personality in theatre with heart and spirit and the person was honoured with Peace Theatre Award for his/her outstanding performance and reflections on theatre and peace’. The Chairman also added that the role as Bharthi played by Arasangudi Jothi brought a fame as Bharthi Jothi and especially his role as Bharathi was a hit for the past couple of years. Aiming to impart the benefits of this theatre practice to the community, and to explore the possible impacts of long-term theatre performances on the inhabitants of Tamilnadu, South Zone Board of Continuing Education reviews some of the dramas already written and enacted in Trichy draws on attention with participants and their families, as well as with other members of the community. The Board Chairman started with an analysis of the present community context, and followed this with an outline of the theatre work developed over the course of the years’. Dr.K.Govindaraju also appreciated  the contribution of Mr.Muthvelalagar, Mr.Masthan, Mrs.Mangalam and several other senior artists in Trichy in the field of theatre. Chairman of Board mentioned the contribution of Muthuvelagar is to be placed on record as his dramas Jenma and Pathinnettampor  are  used for reading and also acting.As a senior living Drama Director,,Muthuvelagar Encourages  the youth to get into the live theatre. The guest of honour,Mr.Jawahar Arumugam,a member of Muthamil Kalai Panpattu Maiyam expressed that Trichy has a long historical standing in the filed of Drama and then Thevar hall was a symbol of Trichy drama history.The noted drama artists like MKT Bhagawadhar,M.R.Radha,Ethartham Ponnusamy,M.M.Mariyappa,  RR Shaba found FG.Nateshaiayar,Navab Rajamanickam were all from Trichy stalwarts of Drama and theatre. Ponnar Snakkar,Nirkolam,Kathavarayan are some of the drams enacted with Trichy origin with reflection of local way of life and also generated livelihood for the rural fork artists and also gave opportunity  for several persons to get into theature of dramas'.
Arasangudi Bharthi Jothi spoke on ‘The Impact of Theatre Practice in our Life.’ He said Trichy has created many artistes, directors, playwrights, technical designers and limited middle class audience. In that sense theatre has an impact only in micro level. It has no impact at all in the macro level or the social, economical or political aspects of Trichy. Even the middle class, the main audience of theatre, is reluctant to come and enjoy theatre due to the lack of theatre halls. The consequence is that a large number of people in the city have no idea of the rich tradition of our main stream theatre.He thanked Muthamil Kalai Panpattu Maiyam and South Zone Board of Continuing Education for titling  him as ‘Bharthi’. He further said ‘The Art of Theater is an interdisciplinary that takes us on a journey through many different aspects of our culture and history and tradition. Theater is an amazing way of expressing everything from feelings to Literary, historical and ethical standpoints. Theater is one of the broadest fields there is. It does not matter what your interest is, most likely there is a way to tie it to the world of theater’Jothi concluded. To conclude, Service Resource Centre drama troupe of South Zone Board of Continuing Education performed a street theatre.EtNS.

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