Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Folk Theatre artistes stage plays to create awareness among voters in Trichy by SEVAI Resource centre-SRC

Trichy: 21: The members of well-known theatre group of SEVAI Resource Centre has been engaged in creating awareness among the masses on the importance of voting and the need for ensuring cent per cent polling. These campaigns have been evoking good response from all sections of the society. It is the South Zone Board of continuing Education that has spearheaded the campaign as part of sensitising the electorate to their fundamental duty towards the nation building process. ‘Wholehearted participation and cooperation from the people in the electoral process will help in strengthening the hands of democracy. The campaign has been necessitated to improve the percentage of polling in both the urban and rural areas’ Chairman of the Board Dr.K.Govindaraju said. The street play conducted focuses on the need of the masses to exercise their fundamental right to vote by electing the right candidate. Street plays and other modes of creating awareness about the importance of elections and the need for public participation in it draws good response among the voters of rural areas in Srirangam constituency, Trichy District. Street plays draw attention of voters and creates voter awareness among the electorate. The street play narrates, “ Every adult citizen has a duty, responsibility and right to exercise his / her franchise without fear or favour which he / she must do diligently and judiciously, to create a healthy, transparent and accountable democracy, free of corruption - to create an informed citizenry and provide good quality of life to citizens consisting of good health, hygiene, housing, education, employment, social security, etc. for themselves and their future generation and not based on any one time such as lure of cash or freebies which would last hardly for a day. A live Dance-Drama in Tamil was played by SEVAI team, Trichy at SEVAI Community college, Tamil Nadu, India, on Monday, March 21, 2011.Etns


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