Wednesday, March 16, 2011

‘LIFE ENRICHMENT EDUCATION’-immense importance

Job oriented courses are immense importance for one’s life and it is more important to have life enrichment education along with job oriented Professional skills.SEVAI Institute of Continuing Education (SICE) is a unique, focusing on the poor, the illiterates, the neo-literates, the underprivileged and the un-reached.  The SICE is unique in that they do not provide just skill development, but link literacy with vocational skills and provide large doses of Life Enrichment Education (LEE) to the people.  They do not work in isolation but aim for convergence with other stakeholders in society.  It is their endeavor to shape their beneficiaries into self reliant and self assured employees and entrepreneurs. The Life Enrichment Education (LEE) provides specially designed instruction and related services in SEVAI Institute of Continuing Education (SICE)
The curriculum focuses on personal management, communication, practical living skills, vocational skills, leisure and recreation activities, and social skills. Based on the individual needs of each student, the special educators offer speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and health support. SEVAI Institute of Continuing Education (SICE) also provides an extended school year program in the summer for students who would regress because of a lengthy educational recess. SEVAI Institute of Continuing Education (SICE) Inclusive Education special Educators evaluate school-age students with suspected disabilities. SEVAI Institute of Continuing Education (SICE) staff members work with local district personnel and parents to identify areas of strength and concern prior to the student's evaluation. The testing is then individualized for each student and may include an evaluation of the student's language, intelligence, academic skills and social or emotional development. The evaluation results are reported to the school and parents through a conference and written report. The SEVAI Institute of Continuing Education (SICE) is a long term care and treatment residential facility for children with emotional and behavioral needs ages 9-21. SEVAI Institute of Continuing Education (SICE) provides education services to children while they are residents at the Allur School. The program offers a continuum of services and specialized instruction based on the individual needs of the children.
SEVAI Institute of Continuing Education (SICE) offers Life Enrichment Education Program for intellectually stimulating courses for adolescents on love of learning.  Life Enrichment Education Courses cover a wide range of subjects and are designed to meet the physical, intellectual, and social needs of the participants. Courses in the Life Enrichment Program are taught by respective field experts.   Value oriented education, discipline and character building are the major social benefits for an all round development of the learners. Life Enrichment Education (LEE) components are an integral part of way of life to be practiced   and SEVAI has cooperation with educational, cultural and social organizations for meeting educational, vocational social, cultural and welfare needs of each target groups.  The objective of this approach is to make an individual not only capable of engaging in productive economic activity but also responsible citizen and a successful being.  LEE components includes: Personality Development, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Relationship, empowerment, safety, Positive Work Culture, Work Ethics, Self-development, Self-confidence building, Knowledge about day to day living, Health Education, Nutrition Education, Population Education, Aids Awareness, Home Nursing, Home Management, Stress Management, Time Management, Preservation of environment, Art of Living, Environmental sanitation, Prevention of pollution, Achievement motivation, Memory power improvement, Legal awareness, Inter personal skills, Inter personal communication,  Leadership skills, Self esteem, Team building, Decision making, Assertiveness, Management of emotions, Emotional intelligence, Creativity, Conflict and crisis management, and Techniques for good housekeeping, etc.
SEVAI Institute of Continuing Education (SICE)  has chosen to empower people by providing basic education, vocational preparation, life skills training and creative arts at both residential facilities and community day programs... such as ,Skills for living and working in the community, Confidence building in activities of daily living, Providing outlets for leisure skills and creativity, Preparation and functional academics, Enrichment and Adaptive Skills Training, Independent and Community Living Skills, Leisure time, education and recreation, and Vocational Transition. The Life coping skills imparted are: Academic Skills Enhancement, Analyzing and Evaluating Current Issues, Anger Management,Art and Music,Assertiveness Training ,Basic Math, Basic Reading, Computer Literacy ,Critical Reading, Decision Making, Gross Motor Skills, Health and Wellness, Independent Living Skills, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Job Readiness, Language Arts - Basic Reading, Loss and Grief ,Money Management, Nutrition,Sewing,Sign Language, Stress Management ,Time Management, Vocational Readiness, Vocational, Social and Communication Skills, study issues of civic responsibility and other contemporary issues and to provide youth struggling with anger management an opportunity to gain insight into their difficulties while learning skills to appropriately deal with anger.
The program encourages youth who participate to accept responsibility for what they’ve done and avoid harmful behaviors in the future. Through parent education, peer education, individual counseling and family life education. In LEE program, The Anger Management session is designed to affect change through cognitive reconstruction. Curriculum activities are designed to interrupt cognitive processes that contribute to impulsive reactions to anger. The program experience promotes insight and understanding of the sources of anger. Moreover, the curriculum provides basic skills to prevent person-directed aggression. Through carefully sequenced lesson plans, participants develop effective listening and communication skills, learn how to recognize and manage anger, and identify triggers that cause angry responses to situations. Self-esteem development, Conflict Resolution services, Life Skills trainers, Peer Mediation services, Mentoring / tutoring, Individual / family counseling, Grief / Trauma counseling, Depression assessment / treatment,  Coordination of special needs / resources. Staff Training and Development. SEVAI Institute of Continuing Education (SICE) is clear in  its staff capacity in the areas of Recruitment & training, Teaching  skills training & assistance, Location and coordination of community resources and School faculty support (crisis response, child abuse foster care information)-Etram News Service

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