Friday, March 18, 2011

Students, teachers and management alliance formation are a secret of success-Kaviko:

TRICHY: 18, March: ‘Students, teachers and college Management ALLIANCE brings achievement and it is a secret of success’ said Janab. Kaviko Abdul Rahman, , Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Wakf Board while felicitating Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan,former principal of Urumu Dhanalakshimi college for recently bagging Kalaimamani award of Tamilnadu Government. The function was organized by the Management, Professor and Students of Urumudhanalakshi College, Trichy. Kaviko further said,” Of the many professional responsibilities teachers assume, none is more important than that of establishing a productive working relationship with the Management and of their students. The gap between the three may at times seem divisively wide and uncrossable. It is difficult to create such a bond between these three but it is important to create an alliance among to win any task given. More often creating of Political alliance is easier than crating ‘Students, teachers and college Management ALLIANCE. College teacher’s expectations of students are intricately connected to teacher expectations of Management and to students’ expectations of teachers are important as they are productive, ongoing involvement between students, Management and teachers is clear and readily acknowledged by most teachers but the means by which such relationships are sought and secured is less clear and often an area of great concern. He expressed his dismay about recent Pattimandrams, that these days several Pattimandram orators just restrain from the mail topic and recount some funny stories in the name of Debates (Pattimandrams) and there is no social concern in such debates.Prof.Sathiyaseelan is not only an orator but a think tank with authoring abilities. His books on, ‘Muranpaduhalil Udanbauhal’ (compromising with controversies) is an excellent piece of work as writer and this Tamil book theme can be an education to politicians and Governments in the Globe. Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan stands very high above the ‘Kalaimamani Award’.
‘The Tamil orator Prof.SO.Sathiyaseelan has carved a comfortable niche for himself in the hearts of the elite and the masses. His greatest asset is his wonderfully vibrant, widely ranging, and splendid voice over his tongue. Expression of the soul of the speech with clarity of the diction is his specialty. He is a Popular Performing orator, who has spoken all over the world among Tamil population as well as the world in all prestigious occasions. The purpose and content of his speeches are oriented to the society. His well-planned fulfilling speeches are lively and equally extempore with his own way of speaking to commemorate any occasion of social and common interest. His speech, noted for its variety, has reached every nook and corner of Tamil speaking population’ Kaviko concluded.

Earlier Noted Tamil scholar Prof.A.Arivloli said, ‘it was a memorable occasion for Tamil lovers who were happy to witness the classical language once again to the fore in the honouring of a Tamil scholar Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan, a noted Tamil Scholar was honoured with the “Kalai Mamani Award’ for his yeoman service for the promotion of Tamil language and literature’. He also added that Tamil Culture a “way of life”, a pattern gracious living that has been formed during the centuries of Tamil of history. He added that he dedicates this award for those eminent personalities those served Tamil over the years. Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan is the exemplary orator in Tamil and English and an eminent moderator of Patti Mandrams, author of several literary books; served as Principal of Urumu Dhanalakshimi College, Trichy and double time syndicate member of Bharathidassan University.Several personalities of Trichy city and Tamilnadu, college authorities felicitated. In his acceptance speech, Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan opined that such recognition by Government of Tamilnadu would prove to be a boon for the entire literary community. It would help in attracting more people, particularly the youngsters, towards the literary field. He added that he dedicates this award for those eminent personalities those served Tamil over the years. The President of SOuth Zone BOard of CoNtinuing Education (OZONE) Dr.K.Govindaraju, Journalist Shanawas Khan, and Writer Jawahar Arumugam honoured the senior great Tamil scholar Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan with Pondadai.’Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan is currently serving as the Chairperson of Muthamil Kalai Panpattu Maiyam, Trichy and he was recently honoured with a purse and title of ‘Ulaga Tamizh Maamani’. He is the President of Trichy Kamban Kalagam. Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan serves as the senior member of District Welfare Committee and Chairman of outstanding Tamil Books selection Board of the District Welfare Committee’ said Dr.K.Govindaraju to pressmen. Principal Professor welcomed the gathering and Dr.Veeramani proposed vote of thanks.-Etram News Service.

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