Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Way for safe and Fun Children's School Bathroom/toilets

In schools even though bathrooms/toilets are typically designed with adults in mind, there are plenty of children's bathroom ideas to make the space more accommodating to children. SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary school in Pettavaithalai in Trichy School has designed children’s bathrooms/toilets with safety, accessibility, storage, and having a little fun. The management of the school planned children’s bathroom importance and thought about children’s unique needs so that they are more independent and cause less stress on care takers and teachers. Making the toilets safe and accessible for little arms and hands, SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary school started achieving this goal of more enjoyable children's bathroom/toilets ideas. Picking out the color scheme and d├ęcor is the time to have some serious fun and look through bathroom drawn pictures for inspiration. One tactic followed is to keep the walls rather neutral such as a soft tan or yellow, and then add color and interest with accessories, hardware, towels, fabrics, or artwork. SEVAI School brought several pre-approved options for school children in bathrooms/toilets, that they feel more involved in the design process.

The school thought about endless themes for children's bathrooms taking into account of their hobbies and interests as a starting point. Here are a few popular children's bathroom pictures drawn in the toilets specially designed for kids, like  Creatures - frogs, monkeys, butterflies,peacocks,kids games and sports pictures, Fairy tale - princess, castles, fairies etc. These toilets are designed as User-friendliness and safety as first on the list of children's bathroom ideas implemented; some ideas for incorporating universal design into a bathroom include lower countertop heights and hands-free faucets. Also, this school looked for a non-slip bathtub finish or a safer bathing /toileting experience.

A bath mat which catches water outside the tub is another simple safety precaution taken. To help make the bathtub even safer, the school considered drain covers that let water pass through but prevent bangs and scalding. The flow of towels and laundry is kept under control with a tiered towel rack and a hamper right in the bathroom. Making children more self-sufficient in their bathroom makes everyone's life easier. A child-friendly toilet seat makes unsupervised restroom trips a reality, the school chose a soft-close toilet lid deters any slamming of the seat. Adding a sturdy stepstool to the lavatory allows kids to reach the sink without help when it's time to brush those pearly whites. School Administrator K.Devendran says’ the technical note has been prepared with some indicative design options especially for girls and disabled-friendly and norms to be followed during pre-construction and post-construction period of school toilets, the technologies and design options implemented in this school, which are children especially girl and disabled friendly. We ensure that facilities created are kept functional, clean and maintained ensuring better health and healthy environment for the development of the learning abilities of the school children using these facilities’. Etram News Service

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