Monday, May 30, 2011

Free youth counseling centre launched in Trichy

Mr.Pappu Ilango,IRS(Rtd),Director,TRACE addresses
Trichy:30th,May 2011:“Counselors, teachers, parents and others working and interacting with today’s youth, if they are to help, must have a solid understanding of the factors that young people face in making the often difficult transition between adolescence and adulthood,” said Mr.Pappu Ilango, a former Indian Revenue Service official   after inaugurating Free youth counseling youth centre run under the aegis of  Indian Management and communication centre, Trichy  in Kalaiarangam premises here today. This centre has been launched by professionals of Indian Management and communication centre (IMC) with the support of Trichy District Nehru yuva Kendra, an organ of Ministry of youth affairs, Government of India. Its Director Prof.Irudayaraj said that the centre will function as facilitation centre for youth in need and confidentially will be maintained for each youth and the professional attached to this centre are to provide solutions with Psycho therapy. The centre has been instituted by experts as a “must-replicate for every youth counselor and mental health counselor,” provides the most current information and techniques for addressing dysfunctional family dynamics, low self-esteem, mood disorders, stress and trauma, eating disorders, suicidal behavior, teen sexuality and substance abuse, among other issues related to youth. In his presidential speech, the District Coordinator of Trichy Nehru Yuva Kendra, Mr.K.Subramaniam said the centre is aimed at solving youth problems by the centre counselors, social workers, psychologists. Mr.K.Subramaniam pointed out it’s important that professionals gain the latest prevention and intervention methods so that they can better respond to youth before they are in trouble. “It’s vital that counselors and educators have a better understanding of how youth become at-risk and what can be done to minimize such factors and prevent the problems that otherwise are almost bound to occur,” he said.  Prof.Savarimuthu said in his key note address that the youth counseling program launched for catering to the needs of youth on individual basis, family and group counseling services to children and families who live in Trichy and surrounding Districts. Prof.Savarimuthu added ‘Youth In Need’s approach to counseling and to all clients is a strengths-based philosophy. This means that it’s necessary to explore and use internal strengths (abilities, coping skills and resilience) and external resources (family, friends, school, employers, and other community resources) of youth and families. Youth In Need believes that teens and families need information so they can make informed decisions. Education and resource-based information is offered to clients as a means of helping them explore options, become more knowledgeable about issues they face, become more skilled in managing their own lives, become better informed about service options and in better matching them with community resources. Therapists collaborate with youth, teens and families about the types of services that may best meet their needs, goals of service and tasks to achieve these goals. Finally, emphasis is placed on helping youth, teens and families to transition through stages of individual and family development manage stress and cope with the changes they face on a daily basis. Hope is one of the most important elements of change. While the absence of hope can be devastating, its presence can help youth, teens and families to better cope with adversity, change and crisis. Youth Counseling Center in Trichy, the analysis of relevant data, the young people the most serious psychological problems occurred in the adolescent period, but in addition to adolescent mental health issues. Dr.Gubendran said that youth Counseling Center consultants are professionals, youth mental health problems in the performance of various forms, mainly include: concentration, reverse psychology is too strong, usually cannot communicate with their parents, lack of intimacy with others, alienation, interpersonal barriers, as well as life, to learn there is no sense of purpose, sense of life without meaning, puppy love, etc. problem.
Psychological problems in the middle of these young people, there are most prominent problems; need to attract the attention of parents and society, Internet addiction problem is one of the most required issues to be addressed to.Indian Management and communication centre, Trichy aspires to be Trichy’s premier clearinghouse for resource materials, training and support services to advance the psychosocial, emotional, physical, character, and life-skill capacities of today's youth. Consulting Services will be given to the youth and craft strategic responses to specific problems and issues arising in schools, housing authorities, youth organizations, parents’ groups and houses of worship."I would like to thank Indian Management and communication centre, Trichy for trying to assist the Trichy youth in developing and expanding their character education and life skills development initiatives. They propose to assist the Safe and Drug Free Schools, 21st Century Community Learning Centers by identifying research-based resources, vendors, and contractors whose services can produce measurable results. With so many youth today lacking in basic core values, our educators and school detectives are now need to be better equipped to meet the challenges of developing good and productive citizens. There is no such thing as value-free education; Indian Management and communication centre would convey moral lessons through everything they do. It is frequently recommended youth with Character, an excellent tool for teaching students such values as courage, honesty, respect and self-discipline. I wish Indian Management and communication centre for producing this fine resource. Indian Management and communication centre is dedicated to helping young people make the right choices and do the right things in such broad areas of life as responsible citizenship and leadership. These life qualities are the result of teaching and learning just as surely as are the basic skills of reading, writing and computation as a process of life enrichment life skills. Indian Management and communication centre can use solid practices coupled with a lot of heart for the mission of building character in young people. That mission is important to India’s future greatness. Indian Management and communication centre program tries to give the youth  a sense of moral responsibility and a sense of self-worth…As many of us know who work with youth on a daily basis, these moral and self-esteem issues are not addressed in many families."Dr.K.Govindaraju, the guest of honour applauded the good work done by the professionals of IMC.-Govin

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