Sunday, May 15, 2011

Health Check-ups for special children by SEVAI improves the quality of life of kids’

SEVAI ( is a non-govt. organization (NGO) with scientifically planned health programme for school children, professionally managed under the guidance of eminent Health experts, sociologists, educationist, psychologists, nutritional specialists and others who have vision of promoting healthcare of children in 12 schools of Trichy District.SEVAI was started in July, 1975 with participation from a sample of schools of Trichy. The programme is currently operational in 12 schools, Shanthi School, Marudur School, Bichandarkoil and other 9 more day care schools. The programme is unique in documenting health records of 2000 children. The project contains,   School Health Center, Rural Girls School, Health Center Project,Health Check up of Slum Children and their families, Health Check-ups for special children, School Health Check-up Project and Highly systematic, organized and well co-ordinate health care programme,Qualified and experienced staff, Lady Doctors and all lady staff for girls school, Use of latest and innovative methods for health check-ups,Computerized storage, monitoring and analysis of health data with regular updates, Health education and awareness programmes like health talks, health quizzes, debates and declamations. Health education material also provided with the health check-up report to every student, Close health status monitoring of each and every student by doctors, psychologists and nutritionists, a consolidated school health annual report with detailed health analysis along with illustrations and graphics will be submitted to the school at the end of the year. Psychotherapy is a set of techniques believed to cure or to help solve behavioral and other psychological problems in humans. The common part of these techniques is direct personal contact between experts and patient, mainly in the form of talking.   The common part of these techniques is direct personal contact between Doctor and patient, mainly in the form of talking. Owing to the nature of these communications, there are significant issues of patient privacy and/or client confidentiality. SEVAI helps the school children for psychotherapy from qualified psychologist for enhancement of psychology of the child. In its effort to help children across the country through the problem of lice, SEVAI committed to safeguarding the health of school children. Thus, SEVAI is conducting hygiene and lice checks in every school so as to ensure that every girl child in these schools is declared free of lice. During hygiene check-up, the following things are inspected for: Hair Hygiene, Dental Hygiene, Nail Hygiene, Nape Hygiene and Ear Hygiene. Equal Health, Australia health team also assists three schools in certain consultations. Kris

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