Monday, July 4, 2011

ICHEC-Belgium-2011 SEVAI team fine-tunes SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary school Football team.

ICHEC-Belgium-SSMHSS-Pettavaithalai in a friendly football match
The ICHEC Business University in Brussels, Belgium- ICHEC-2011 those work in the school building in SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher secondary school, Pettavaithalai fine tuned the football team of the higher secondary school. ICHEC-Sevai Allur team members Coppieters Alexandra, Delvaux Jeremy, Latour Zoe, Monderer Florent, Van Swieten Sandrine,Delvaux Alexia,Kabbaj Mohamed Said,Marlot Camille, tenants Elisabeth and Verschaeren Tanguy took initiative of fine tuning the school football team as captained by 17 years Thayumanavan,Vinod,Yuva and others. Belgium- ICHEC-2011 taught how to play better football to the students of SEVAI School, offering a 3-dimensional approach to sport's excellence   ...Skills, Focuses a specific skill within each sport, breaks down each skill by individual body part.  These are the same movements we see the top athlete in each sport perform as they play their sport. Drills, "how to" move, the drills to make each move natural and automatic.  Coaching Techniques the students need to learn to play at their Sport’s highest levels ... Coach Plans, Mental Training, Team Building and Skill Building. Jeremy enlightened the “The Benefits of Playing Sports as   Sports help players develop teamwork and leadership skills. They help them create and maintain a positive self-image. Playing football is a not a hobby and the players need to play with the dream of playing for a big club or the country but to get better. Every time the student touches the ball the target is to play it better than the previous touch” said one of the Football player of ICHEC-Belgium-2011. Sports Director of the School Kannan grouped the students of the school primarily based on the age groups and then based on the skill level. A test is run to assess the player on parameters like Attitude, Athletic ability, Ball control, and Basic motor coordination. After the assessment a schedule was drawn for every player based on the inputs required for improvement and the same to be exercised during the play. Parents and kids are requested to suggest any specific shortcoming in doing the exercise and any medical issues that need to be taken note of. The training schedules will be uploaded on this site for reference. Assessment: The students undergoing training are being assessed on various parameters manually. Technical: Receiving and Ball Control, Passing and Shooting Technique, Error with increasing power, Body Balance, Reflexes, Posture and Rhythm. Tactical: Technical accuracy in a game situation, Control under pressure Game sense and understanding. Physical: Agility, Speed (Only kids above 12), Endurance (Only kids above 12), Leg Strength”. Then the ICHEC Belgium team faced the SEVAI school team students as practice game and the game was exciting and finally ICHEC Won with tally was 5:4. School Director Ms.P.Chitra appreciated the ICHEC team for encouraging School football team with fine-tuning their sports skills. Several school students, SEVAI community college students witnessed the thrilling friendship football match. This initiative provided an opportunity for the youngsters to display their skills. The matches enjoyed good crowd support. Speaking at the valediction, SEVAI Director, Dr.K.Govindaraju advised the youngsters to evince more interest in sports and the school administration would do its best for the development of football,” he added. Govin

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