Saturday, July 16, 2011

SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School gesture on Cancer Patients

Sribala speaks to Students on  Cancer Awareness
Student Palanisamy said “We, the SEVAI Shanthi School Higher Secondary School students, got an opportunity to participate in the Cancer Awareness Programme organized by Mrs.Sribala Kumar, a noted Educationist from Chennai on 15th July 2011.The programme was very useful and interesting and several facts about cancer were highlighted. Mrs.Sribala Kumar enlightened us that that cancer is curable if detected and treated early. Cancer can affect all parts of the body except the hair and nails at the infant age to any age. Some cancers are inherited. A rare eye tumor called retinoblastoma is inherited. Mrs.Sribala Kumar also summarized the causes and the preventive measures for cancer. He stressed the importance of taking strong preventive steps to fight cancer such as to: Avoid taking too many antibiotics, , very spicy foods, , stale foods and ghee, taking spoilt fruits and vegetables etc.A power Point presentation was given by Mrs.Sribala. Her mission of supporting cancer patients is very much appreciated by us and we contributed Rs.5/- each and gave Rs.1500 to Mrs.Sribala for her mission to support those who suffer due to cancer.”-Govin

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