Sunday, July 31, 2011

Traditional mat weaving generates profits for rural women in SEVAI projects.

SEVAI SHG women in mat weaving process
Traditional mat weaving projects were established by SEVAI, which gave women the opportunity to learn new skills, in particular business development skills, which have allowed a local mat production units to develop. Several of these mat weaving projects are now entirely self reliant in Trichy District of Tamilnadu.SEVAI’S community-based projects aimed at alleviating poverty, creating sustainable village economies and revitalizing the rural sector. SEVAI self help groups realized that merely availing credit for consumption purposes would be of no consequence in the long run. They decided to deploy the loan availed into productive assets and in income generating activities. The Amoor group identified 'mat-weaving' as the traditional livelihood opportunity and undertook the mat weaving activity. Mat sticks, used in the manufacture of grass mats, are grown locally, generally by the SHG’s families. The women members purchase their own raw materials with their money. The role of middlemen in this region is very limited and insignificant. The transaction of the sale is always made on payment in cash, never on credit. Prices of raw materials are put according to their units of sale. Mat sticks are sold in bundles. Cotton yarn and powdered dyes (both vegetable and chemical) are sold according to their weight in grams. Prices may vary a bit during difficult seasons due to the abundance or scarcity of supplies. However, the supply is kept more or less steady throughout the year.  Each member earns Rs. 3000 - 4000 as a net income per month and this has led to recognition of the group members at the village level and also among other SHGs.Govin

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