Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Amazing permanent shelter constructed by SEVAI in Poompuhar even after four years.

tsunami survivors permanent homes in Poompuhar
The permanent houses constructed by SEVAI/FdnF/UWI for tsunami survivors has colourful look in Poompuhar village even after 4 years of handing over the homes to the tsunami survivors. It is amazing how people become normal and they had painted those homes with their own colours and also their political affiliation symbols. SEVAI, has worked for years, has always had projects in this coastal area which was devastated in December 2004 tsunami. After successfully undertaking relief operations for the survivors SEVAI has set up a full housing construction project for these families.1200 permanent houses were built, following very strict national regulations and capable of resisting possible natural catastrophes, which are common in the area. SEVAI was helping people’s plans and dreams take shape in the tsunami affected districts of Nagapatinam and Karikal. These plans and dreams had taken on the shape of houses; homes for those who lost theirs to the devastating tsunami on 26 December 2004. All the 1200 houses were handed over to the community in 2007.  Ms.Siva Manimekalai is almost bursting with joy as she waited to receive the key to her new home. “I am very happy. I feel safe here,” she said.  “My house was completely destroyed. I would have died too if I hadn’t been at the temple that morning,” she said. Everyone, the new house owners and members of the Poompuhar have reason to rejoice: it’s the first completed permanent housing project to which a community made homeless by the tsunami has moved in.  “All in all, it’s been a very satisfactory outcome,” said Dr.K.Govindaraju, Founder/Director of SEVAI and he thanked al the donors of such an emergency situation of tsunami devastation. -Govin

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