Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Discharged Prisoners Aid Society is to be revamped- Dr.K.Govindaraju

Property of DPA Society to be renovated for revenue Generation.
'Discharged Prisoners Aid Society of Trichy is to be revamped' said Dr.K.Govindaraju,its Treasurer of Trichy District to members of DPA-Trichy. The property of DPA-Trichy which is at the hands of a few who are paying only Rs.1700 for a huge area situated near Gandhi market at Edatheiru in Trichy is to be taken back by the DPA society and a commercial complex can be constructed and given on major rental basis which will benefit the discharged prisoners. The existing funds of DPA-Trichy may be applied for the construction of the complex in the damaged site of DPA-Trichy.Certificate of Incorporation of ‘Madras Presidency Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society’ was given under Indian Companies Act, 1913 by Assistant Registrar of Joint stock companies in No.14/1921-22 dated 11.07.1921. ‘Madras Presidency Discharged Prisoners Aid Society’ was changed into Tamil Nadu Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society and incorporated under Indian companies’ Act 1913 dated  11.07.1921and the second certificate of incorporation was given by Assistant Registrar of companies, Tamil Nadu on 3.10.1977 duly approving the ‘Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association. The vision and focus of this Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society was established, interested in the reformative aspects of the treatment of prisoners, and giving support and aid after discharge. The main objective of this Society is to help the released prisoners for their rehabilitation and in the community to rebuild links with their family, in order to make a fresh start and to help them create new opportunities and live more productive and settled lives. The vision of this society has a focus to make society safer and offer services across the spectrum of crime reduction. This society owns an empty space of 3150 sq.feet in a prime location near Gandhi market; three individuals’ families are making use of this space for their residential as well as commercial purposes. Three families pay a monthly rent of Rs.1700. This is the only source of income for this society other than the interest accrued. The annual expenditure for account maintenance and auditing is Rs.1000 and the states of accounts are being forwarded to the central committee regularly. Discharged prisoners have been supported for their livelihood restoration projects out the income of this project. An amount of Rs.17351.Ps.25 has been paid out of this Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society funds to Avin milk cooperative towards purchase of Infrastructure items for setting up a cooperative milk unit for the Rehabilitation of Pro-offenders in Tharanipalayam.Rs.85,000 had been donated for the Discharged prisoners on the occasion of Arinjar Anna’s Birth Centenary for 85 prisoners on 15.9.2008 as initial funds for rehabilitation. Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society also requested District Welfare Fund Committee to support additional 25 Discharged prisoners and District Welfare Fund Committee donated Rs.25,000 at Rs.1000 per discharged person as initial funds for rehabilitation. In 2010, one women discharged prisoner has been supported with Rs.8000 for setting up a petty shop in her native Place in Nagapatinam. Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society meetings were conducted by the District Collector for the rehabilitation of the criminals (most of them were also discharged prisoners) of Ramjinagar and Gandhinagar of Trichirapalli district on 5th, 8th September, 2009, 9th October 2009 and 18th November, 2009 and it was resolved to support these families with counseling and also with bank loans for milch animals/and business with the assistance of the Banks and local NGOs. The SHGs formed in these villages have already received the revolving fund and steps are taken for the income generation projects. The counseling programme is under progress in these villages. Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society is also looking for viable projects to assist the discharged prisoners to revolve the funds of the Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society.-Govin

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