Thursday, September 22, 2011

Raising Turkeys for Profit as poor friendly-Dr.K.Govindaraju

Turkey rearing in SEVAI Amoor
While there are many different aspects of raising turkeys for profit, one of the best ways is to raise organic and free range turkeys. In today's world, the market is good for those items that are raised in a manner conducive to the growing of the animal itself such as turkeys. Not only that, but on the profit end of things you'll find that your feed bill is less, your turkeys are healthier, and your market is better in the long run. Many people are turning to free range meat as a source of protein in their diets. Turkey raising is going to hit that mark well. It's not difficult, but you will need a secure area for the turkeys to enjoy their free range in Turkeys they may grow relatively fast, they're still small and susceptible to predators.  We need to remember, organic means no processed foods, vitamins, or even medications. This means that you need to make sure that your turkeys herd stays healthy. You can solve a lot of problems with vitamin deficiencies and other illness by feeding them flakes. We need to make sure we are feeding enough feed to fulfill the needs of all of the birds. One of the nice things about raising turkeys is the fact that they're not that difficult to care for. They'll need warmth in the beginning of their lives when their growing and are babies, and we need to watch out for them piling up on each other for warmth and smothering each other. Because of the ease of raising turkeys, children can be intimately involved in raising turkeys for fun and profit. Even the youngest can make sure that water containers are full and that the birds are getting the care and warmth that they need. We will be surprised what a family adventure it is to raise turkeys and enjoy free range turkey meat as well as the excitement of our consumers eating their first free range turkey.Today's turkeys have a tremendous potential for growth; the aim of the grower should be to provide an environment which, through thorough cleaning and preparation of the house, correct preheating, proper lighting and provision of adequate feeders and drinkers, will encourage efficient consumption of feed and allow the poults to express their growth potential. Prior to placement, the brooder house and all equipment to be used should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. A successful ventilation program should Supply adequate oxygen necessary for birds' respiration, Maintain air temperature at a level which will be comfortable for the birds, while not wasting energy (fuel and/or feed) doing so, Remove moisture from the house and maintain good litter conditions and Minimize dust and air-borne contaminants.-Govin

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