Saturday, September 24, 2011

Self-efficacy changes have important implications for adolescents' future in school, personal relationships, and career choices.-Dr.K.Govindaraju

Adolescents enjoy their schooling in SEVAI
“Adolescents are classified as those individuals in age bracket of 12 to 18 years old and this is the stage that is very crucial. Self-efficacy changes have important implications for adolescents' future in school, personal relationships, and career choices.  It is during this time that the kids are trying to find their identity and struggling between listening to home or environment.  Most likely to happen is that when the home's rein is not tightened, we may end up losing our adolescents to the environment and you will have a hard time getting him back. If we must notice, at this stage, adolescents have the tendency to be rebellious.  They are very outspoken especially if the child's environment is more of an extrovert type, wherein the child is able to express his feelings freely.  This is healthy and needs only a little bit of guidance.  However, if the child's upbringing may lead him/her to be aloof, timid or shy he may just hide his feelings and may end up with adolescent depression. If you, as a parent, are able to manage your adolescent at this point of time, your child can grow to become a responsible individual with a good disposition in life.  On the contrary, if you are not able to give him proper guidance and the support that he/she needs during this stage, he /she may end up getting involved in gangs, drugs and a ruined-future.  It is then imperative to give proper adolescent education for them to be aware if he still needs to continue hanging out with his friends or stop seeing them. A person must have a proper education in order for him to be on top from the others."   Others find this as pure baloney.  However, if you are going to do a reality-check right now, you will be able to construe that companies and corporate right now prefer those who have a 2-year or 4-year college degree. Teach your children the importance of education and how it will uplift their morale if they are able to finish a course.  It will boost their self-esteem as well give them confidence to go out in the world and look for a steady income.  How many adults out there do not attend their high school reunion after 10 years because they are not able to finish college degree and end up losing one job to the other?  Make certain that your child will not have that experience. Educate your child that when everything fails, his family won't.  This aspect needs more of an involvement from your end.  Let your child communicate with you.  If he is open and is able to tell you what bothers him, you will have no problems with that.  You have to let your child know that whatever may happen, his family is always there to love and care for him.  He may be the worst prodigal child in the world, but, if he knows where to go to when the sun is not at its brightest anymore, you will be able to save him from being lost in total darkness”.-Govin

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