Saturday, September 17, 2011

Women SHG run TN Government fair-price shops in Srirangam constituency are well appreciated by Public.

S.Pudukottai Fair Price Shop run by Women SHGs
Part-time Fair Price Shops by women groups were received good response from the villagers in four villages of Srirangam Constituency. These part-time four fairprice shops run by Women SHGs as promoted by SEVAI in four villages namely Gudalur, Thindukarai, S.Pudukottai and Kamanaikanpalayam hamlets of Andanallur Block has been sustained and rum smoothly for the since 1995 from the first term of the current Tamilnadu Chief Minister Ms.J.Jayalalithaa. It significant to note that Ms..Jayalaithaa has been elected as Member of the Legislative Assembly from \Srirangam Constituency where these women SHGs run the fair price shops over two decades without any small snag. Appreciating the difficulties experienced by the general public in getting essential commodities at the Fair price Shops and also to facilitate easy accessibility of food grains at the door steps of the consumers, at the request of the small villagers, the Government have granted for opening of part time Fair price Shops for ensuring that no cardholder is required to travel more than 2 Kilo metres to reach the fair price shop by opening of retail outlets by women's groups. This Government policy of opening part time fair price shops has been a great success without incurring manpower expences to Government. The women in the area all thank the Chief Minister of Taminadu Ms.J.Jayalalithaa for her long term vision of entrusting this job for women SHGs even two decades back.-Govin

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