Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Adult Education needs to focus on quality of life improvement.

Dr.Vimala Ramachandran  speaks,Dr.K.Govindaraju presides
“The distinct feature of the Adult and Vocational Education of Human Resource Ministry  needs to be flexible in character of continuing  education catering to the special target group of the socially, economically and educationally deprived sections of the society with the  objectives of offering polyvalent education that is meant to provide the individual not only  the skills to enhance his /her productive potentiality but also the knowledge necessary for him/her to improve the quality of life” said Dr.K.Govindaraju, Vice Chairman of Tamilnadu Board of Continuing Education in his inaugural speech of  the three day seminar on Adult Education held in Delhi for SAARC Countries NGOs organized between 14-16,October 1996. Dr.K.Govindaraju added “all the SAARC Countries NGOs and Governments need to focus on the Adult Education programmes based on the polyvalent or multi-dimensional approach to adult education. The polyvalent approach attempts to provide knowledge and skills in an integrated manner and based on the principles of neo-literate have continuous access to education and training throughout his life; each programme is need-based. As needs vary widely, programmes need to be Diversified and Flexible (i.e in duration, place, timings etc.) Adaptable to varying situations”.Dr.Vimala Ramachandran Educational Researcher and Consultant delivered the key note address and said.”  Adult Education programmes are to be redesigned in skill formation and skill upgradation for potential youths, dependents of workers, migrants, men and women belonging to unorganized & informal sector, slum workers etc.in both industrial /urban/rural areas, Nodal continuing education centre are to be established and coordinated, supervised and to monitor 10-15 continuing education centres/nodal centres; and to organise equivalency programmes through Open Learning Systems”. Voluntary Agencies and authorities of seven SAARC countries partook in this three day seminar on Adult Education and come out with concrete action plan for the for further discussions and implementation in respective countries.-Govin

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