Sunday, October 16, 2011

Amoor cottages promotes Agro-Tourism in Trichirappalli rural areas

Agro tourism promoted by Amoor cottages
Agro-Tourism is the practice of attracting travelers or visitors to Amoor Cottages near Trichirappalli, an area used primarily for agricultural purposes. However, Agri-Tourism is small-scale, low-impact, and, in most cases, education-focused. Because landowners operate the majority of farms in Amoor Area, opportunities for uniqueness and customization are limitless. Amoor Cottages agri-tourism activities have a small farm crew for a successful farm tours, bed and breakfasts, Tractor / bullock card rides, vegetable gardening, mangoes, and other horticulture farms, by product farms, birds watching near Cauvery bank, and many other activities are operated in Amoor cottages. Overnight stays with Bed and breakfast ,· Camp sites, Agriculture women groups meetings, feeding animals, picking fruit/vegetables,· Day trips/picnics, visit to farmers market, Milk Collection centers  etc are being arranged as fair business for benefiting the poor and disadvantaged populations, further contacts, one can visit website: www.sevai.inGovin

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