Monday, October 31, 2011

Goat rearing is an art- what happens when you put two males goats together

Are these male goats are  fighting or playing

Heifer International and SEVAI NGO provided goats for poor women in the tsunami affected villages in Nagapatinam District. It is amazing to watch the behavior of goats when they are together. All goats who are strangers to each other will fight, no matter what the sex. They are a herd animal, and establish the herd pecking order immediately. Sometimes the "fight" can be as little as a dominant goat cocking their head, and flaring their ears out, and the other goat running away. If they are bucks, you need to have them castrated. Bucks do NOT make good pets. Are the goats young and near the same age? Chances are they are playing then. Male goats, especially young ones, just like to play fight. They do it quite a bit. Bashing heads, and scampering about chasing each other, and mounting each other. It's perfectly normal behavior. If one goat has horns, and the other doesn't, you need to be careful. The one with horns might injure the other goat. The dominant herd buck, it’s actually better not to try to stop your goats, whether they are playing, or fighting. Remember they are goats and herd animals. They do not think like humans. They are going to try and fight to establish pecking order no matter what you do. Once it's established, the fighting will stop. If these two goats already knew each other, like they are brothers, or from the same, herd chances are they are just playing. In which case, just enjoy watching them.-Govin

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