Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Social Activist Kalyani remembered for her services to humanity at her 12th demise Anniversary.

Kalyani in Dhaka
Trichy 5th October 2011:"Today," a senior social activist mentioned in a statement, "we commemorate the 12th anniversary of sudden demise of the young social activist Kalyani after a very brief illness in 1999. The services for the Humanity at her young age of her life assure us that her loss on earth meant her birth in heaven. The young mother Kalyani is symbol of hard and intelligent works for humanity for around five years and opened her heart to love needy people". "Kalani continues to inspire us all to open our eyes to see the dignity of a child of God in the poor and to bring peace and joy to them through our humble services” opined by Dr.K.Govindaraju, the founder of SEVAI. From the Indian language meaning of Kalyani is "beautiful, auspicious, blessed, and blissful". Kalyani is the second name of the Goddess Lalita. Parents name their blessed new born girl child as Kalyani. In South Indian weddings this is a very prominently played raga, the word kalyani means she who causes auspicious things. Kalyani is a very beautiful raaga, and is prominently known among the public.Kalyāni is also considered one of the "major" rāgams of Carnatic music. The girl child grows with all beauty and intelligence as its associated Raaga, Kalyani. The significance of the 12th Memorial Anniversary of the young social activist Kalyani was quietly observed with reverence recollecting all her initiatives and wisdom for the convergence of Education and development. There is one thing that is certain in this lifetime, some live short and achieve a lot some live long achieve zilch. Kalyani’s works in watershed management, tapping water from sand dunes, study of MFI in Grameen Bank and her mission in Germany for youth development,emergy response for cyclone victims in coastal Nagapatinam are ever remembered and she has shown the way for ‘youth for development’-Govin

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