Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Street play to dispel myths about HIV/AIDS

A street play on HIV/AIDS was enacted on Monday, 3rd October 2011 at Trichy Kalairangam premises by SEVAI Team on the occasion of documentation of USAID Supported APAC Projects. This Tamil street play that shows how people stigmatise the HIV positive has been travelling to all nooks and corners of Trichirappalli District– urging people to wake up to the fact that AIDS is not infectious, and that the HIV positive need support, reassurance and care from all quarters. Of the volunteers acting in the play all are young women. "The story centres on a young girl, whose life takes a turn after she tests positive for HIV. The play aims to put the spotlight on the fact that the HIV positive are stigmatised and persecuted, ironically, at a time, when they need friends, family and colleagues to stand by them," said Amala,the coordinator of the street play project. "We also answer several queries from the audience pertaining," says Mrs.Mohana the senior Project manager of Target Intervention of SEVAI.-Govin

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