Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nallasekar, a Tamilnadu congress volunteer undertakes inter- religious yatra-

Nallasekar, a Congress volunteer from Tamilnadu is a man of difference for promoting party cadres of Congress party and he has proposed to undertake an inter-religious faith yatra from Delhi. Nallasekar a forty years old man is a great loyalist of her party leader Mrs.Soniya Gandhi.Nallusekar in Trichy spoke to Namakaha press man that he has proposed to undertake the yatra for the well being of his leader Sonia Gandhi on the 9th December 2011(Sonia Gandhi’s Birthday), he also intends to strengthen the congress party in rural Tamilnadu starting at his own village in Namakal District to bring back Kamaraj rule in Tamilnadu as guided by his leaders in Tamilnadu and Delhi. He is a successful person in his agriculture occupation and also grass root level promoter of education for the villagers. He is a post graduate in Political science and he had his marriage function in Delhi with the blessing of Sonia Gandhi in 1999. He is involved in Public activities at various levels in village level to State level in his political journey as mid level organizer of Congress as headed by Sonia Gandhi.   Nallasekar mentioned to rural congress volunteers, “If you've ever run or worked on a campaign, or just pretty much been involved in politics in almost any capacity, you've seen how important volunteers are to political success.  But all volunteers are not created equal.  Some are better than others.  Some are better at different things than others. Great qualities  that stand out as the mark of really great volunteers should reach for any political effort usually extremely grateful for any volunteer help it receives, these are some of the qualities you should keep in mind when looking for people to help your cause. The level of commitment from the people involved in any effort is usually the greatest contributing factor to success or failure”. Nalla Sekar adds that the congress volunteers should have a willingness to sacrifice as Great volunteerism is based on sacrifice.  But good volunteers don’t think of it as sacrifice, but rather as an investment in the things that they care about, a good congress volunteer is one who is able to set aside their ego in deference to the cause that they’re involved with and   Pride and volunteering don’t go well together. Attitudes for Congress volunteers should be great as they maintain a positive attitude that encourages others to press on regardless of circumstances “It is noted that Nalla Sekar has bagged Bharth Joyti award instituted by International Voluntary Organisation. Govin

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