Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dengue fever awareness on Campaign mode in Trichirappalli District.

Dengue fever awareness mosquito control measures-Rangoli

Tamilnadu Government takes several steps to create awareness on Dengue fever and also control prevention measures. From time to time, the District Administration of Trichirappalli has reinforced the dengue fever awareness campaign and the mosquito control measures. The District Collector Smt.Jayashree Muralidharan appealed the public to be aware of the causes of dengue fever and to undertake mosquito control measures.     SEVAI, a Trichy based  NGO has conducted Self Help Groups animators meeting and explained about information on the symptoms of dengue fever and  prevention measures to be undertaken as guided by District Administration on and also mosquito control. Dravida Selvi, the Health Worker of SEVAI enlightened the SHGs the various measures to be taken to prevent the spread of dengue fever, and further said to remove water stored in containers such as broken plastic pots and used tyres and fore mostly to prevent the breeding of its vector, the Aedes mosquito. Dravida Selvi further said, “The Aedes mosquito is easily identifiable by its distinctive black and white stripes on their body. It prefers to breed in clean, stagnant water easily found in our homes. One  can get rid of the Aedes mosquito by frequently checking and removing stagnant water in their  premises by Turning pails and watering cans over and store them under shelter, removing water in plant pot plates, Cleaning and scrubbing the plate thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs, Loosening soil from potted plants to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water on the surface of the hardened soil and to clear fallen leaves and stagnant water in drains and garden as these leaves could collect water or cause blockages to the drains, thus resulting in the build-up of stagnant water as  mosquito control measures”. The members of the SHGs of Andanallur Block of Srirangam taluk had demonstrated mosquito control measures by illustrating in Rangoli form in SEVAI-Premises. -Govin

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