Friday, November 9, 2012

SEVAI has installed 360 Tara Hand pumps in Tamilnadu

SEVAI has installed 360 Tara Hand pumps in Trichy, Karur and Nagapatinam Districts in early 2000 and this Tara pump had been designed by UNICEF as water pumps which operates both downward and upward stroke of the piston. As all the ground parts of this pump are made of non-corrosive material, this pump is most durable. This Tara Hand pump is suitable for lifting water from bore well with static water level not exceeding 15 mtrs and it is safer from bacterial contamination and corrosion problems. Tara pumps work upto a depth of 15 meters, more cost effective than other deep well Hand pumps. All below ground components are of PVC or Stainless steel and hence the pump is extremely resistant to corrosion. these pumps can be easily installed and maintained using only the minimal tools supplied with the pump, it Gives water in both the upward and the downward stroke of the piston and this Direct Action Hand pump TARA works on the buoyancy principle and hence is easier to operate .These Tara pumps installed in Trichy region have highly appropriate technology—an efficient, low-cost hand pump with a simple design that makes maintenance and repairs cheap and easy. The pumping action is transmitted directly from the handle to the pump rod without the mechanical advantage that more conventional hand pumps achieve through a lever arm, a flywheel or a gear box. The user operates the direct-action hand pump by raising and lowering a T-bar handle attached to the top of the pump rod. This, in turn, moves the piston in a submerged cylinder.-Govin

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