Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bamboo roofing rafters in cow house in SEVAI-OFI Project.

Bamboo shelter under construction in SEVAI
Bamboo roofing rafters in cow house in SEVAI-OFI Project in Sirugamani of Trichirappalli District by SEVAI, a Trichy based NGO for establishing a cow farm and the cow shelter is constructed with Bamboo rafters and coconut thatches. Bamboos are some of the fastest-growing plants. Bamboo is one of the greenest, most sustainable materials on Earth. Harvest time is approximately every seven years, which makes it a fast growing option, as well. Unlike wood, bamboo has a lot of natural give to its construction. It can absorb impacts and is able to bend more than other materials. After the bamboo has been harvested, it can be used in construction. One of the best roofing methods using bamboo is one that uses bamboo trusses, as well as bamboo boards. The trusses are usually constructed in a triangle shape, which gives the roof an entirely different look. The key to using bamboo is to coat it in plaster after construction. Building with bamboo looks back on an ancient tradition and Bamboo is one of the oldest construction materials of Tamilnadu. The building techniques applied in this cow project house were employed in the construction of a cost-effective building on the SEVAI RTC campus. The predominant material is bamboo, used in conjunction with other locally available materials. The basic form of the bamboo plant consists of a branch system of segmented axes. There is no main axis for a central stem; each axis branches off another. Bamboo is distinguished by its longitudinal growth. The canes of bamboo consist of nodes, segments and diaphragms. The age is judged by the sound of the cane and the appearance of its surface. Two to five year old bamboo poles are considered most suitable for building and other purposes. The correct seasons for felling are autumn and winter in the subtropics and the dry season in the tropics. This reduces attack by beetles because the insects are less active. Felling is best carried out using a machete or similar tool. –Govin


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