Tuesday, December 4, 2012

“Ceiling clay plain roof weathering tiles are eco-friendly and cost effective”roofing

Roofing pressing tiles in SEVAI School
Ceiling clay plain roof weathering tiles are eco-friendly and cost effective. In SEVAI Shanthi Higher Secondary school, the top floor has been provided with weathering proof tiles pressing. These Ceiling clay plain roof weathering tiles save money and cost. One of the advantages of clay pressing weather proof tiles that have kept them a staple is the ability of clay to insulate, keeping inside temperatures warm in winter and cool in summer. Combined with a natural ability to reflect, instead of absorb, heat from the sun, clay tiles can reduce the energy required to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. It can be withstand high impact without chipping or cracking. Clay roof tiles are fire-proof, as well as being impervious to the kinds of rot, mold, and water damage that can destroy other roofing materials. They are insect-proof and, depending on the specific tile you select, are resistant to damage from freezing and thawing. Weather resistance of clay roofing depends partly on the structure itself. Factors like the pitch of the roof determine how well the tiles perform in rain, snow, and ice. In a rainy climate we need a tightly waterproof roof, make sure we pay attention to the underlayment and carefully seal the roof deck against moisture. Because clay tiles have such a long life, a high quality underlayment is a good idea. We don't want to be stuck with a great clay tile roof sitting on top of a layer that's not built to last. Roof tiles are matured to a desirable and attractive colour. The outcome is that the roof tiles mature and develop a “weathered” effect which is partly due to them lightening. This weathering effect can have a positive effect on the overall look of the Roof.-Govin

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