Saturday, December 15, 2012

SEVAI helps students with movement disorders, disability issues with physiotherapy.

SEVAI helps students with movement disorders, disability related issues with physiotherapy.T.G.Sumathi, a Physiotherapist serving in SEVAI-Trichy assesses and manages students with movement disorders, and disability related issues in Trichirappalli District. The physiotherapist T.G.Sumathi helps the students and adolescents those are in need physiotherapy support to reach their full potential through providing physical intervention, advice and support. Physiotherapy services in SEVAI are delivered in rural areas of Trichy District. SEVAI Physiotherapist aims to improve the quality of life of children and rural students by promoting independence and encouraging physical fitness and well being. She works as Physiotherapist in close partnership with the students of SEVAI operation area and their families, education, social work, other healthcare professionals in SEVAI and as a team they have a shared responsibility for meeting children's needs. Physiotherapist Sumathi works in SEVAI physiotherapy centre situated in Arumbuhalnagar and also undertake home visits depending on the needs of the needy persons. When a referral is received by Sumathi, she gathers additional information and decision is being made as to the appropriateness and urgency of the referral. The parent and the referrer will be informed of the decision and given further advice as appropriate by the Physiotherapist. She also undertakes assessment which includes information gathering from parents, families and others involved in the child's life and building on what is already known about the child from other agencies such as education and social work. T.G.Sumathi makes assessment which includes Strength and co-ordination, Motor development, Posture and balance, Quality of movement and function with formal and informal assessment such as observation. Following assessment the outcome is being discussed with the parent and her views report is sent to the parent and the referrer. The intervention is a range of possible ways of supporting include, Training and advice for parents/ and other service providers such as health, social work and education, Provision of programmes of work, Specialist equipment and appliances advice, Involvement with educational and transition planning, Direct therapy with student.  Following the agreed period of support the child's progress will be reviewed in partnership with parents/carers and others and further recommendations and actions are adopted according to the child's changing needs. The student will be free from therapy for the reasons once Physical potential achieved.-Govin

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