Thursday, December 20, 2012

SEVAI-OFI proposes to train entrepreneurs through its Cow farm

Hugues helps in Cows house technology

“SEVAI-OFI proposes to train entrepreneurs through its Cow farm” said Hugues a volunteer from France to SEVAI,a Trichy based NGO. K.Devendran of SEVAI added, “SEVAI in collaboration with OFI and student volunteers from French universities in the fields of agronomy and veterinary science has successfully planned for dairy farm consisting 20 cows in SEVAI, Sirugamani, Trichirappalli, India, as integrated cow farming with a yield of 300-400 liters per day Milk. The cowshed construction work has already commenced from mid December 2012 onwards. The cowshed is unique and spacious enough to accommodate almost 20 cows. SEVAI is purchasing milch cows. After 2-3 years surely they need more space and hence planned for it right now. The Cowshed contains nicely designed cottage for housing the cows and the related equipments”. “Area required is 1500 square foot for cowshed construction as built up area and adequate land for green fodder cultivation. It contains separate space allocation for milk cows, dry cows, calf, milk room, stores, labor rest room, office strolling area for cows and guard room surrounded by boundary wall with gate. We have done proper designing to collect cow urine and to compost cow dung” said Hugues, a volunteer from France working in designing this cow farm in association with the other students from French universities in the fields of agronomy and veterinary science: - Carole BES and Paul LAVIALLE, from agronomy university of Clermont Ferrand,- Maureen DUMOULIN, Isabelle GUILLEBERT, Aurélie MONNEZ and Eléonore DESTANNES, from the veterinary university of Lyon..SEVAI Coordinator K.Devendran proposes to buy 20-cows dairy farm with transportation cost of Rs. 820,000, a cow shed construction for Rs.180,000  and associated cow shelters for calf, drining water etc Rs.100000 and Equipments for Rs. 100,000.The capital cost is Rs.1200000 of course the land belongs to SEVAI worth of Rs.2500000.The milking days will be 300days and Dry days: 65 days per year. Total income by sale of milk: Rs. 1580000, Total income by sale of urine: Rs. 11680 and Total income by sale of cowdung: Rs. 122649 and thus total income works out Rs.1714329.Total feed cost for milking cows: Rs. 808500, Total feed cost for dry cows: Rs. 102290, the other maintenances cost such as labour the depreciation and tax, electricity vetinary services, insurance etc cost for the capital expences for Rs.265000. The total recurring expences works out Rs.1165790. The net profit per year is Rs.548539 for 20 cows.Net Profit Ratio: 31.2%, of course we need to account the capital expenditure needs to be calculated as grant for the charity. This profit covers the training of women self help groups in replication of Milk cow rearing as income generation over 1000 families in this region around Sirugamani’.SEVAI services to milk producers Self Help groups will be made for a nominal fee, many members are anxious for this pilot project outcome.SEVAI wants to associate with serious entrepreneurs who are really interested in establishing and running successfully their business venture. -Govin

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