Friday, January 18, 2013

Pongal celebrated in Amour cottages of SEVAI Centre

Pongal Kummi Dance in Amour cottages

In Amour cottages of Amour village in Trichy District Pongal festival was celebrated in the traditional way on Pongal day-2013.SEVAI and women Self Help groups had organized the Pongal festival in Amour cottages and it was festivity time with overseas tourists also participating in the Pongal festival. Women self Help Group members drew ‘rangolis’ of various themes and colours, while overseas tourists joined women SHGs in preparing Pongal.They were given a traditional welcome by  Women Self Help group members of Amour. The tourists joined women SHGs in Kummi, singing and other Pongal celebrations. Mr.Mickel, the team leader of the tourists from Belgium said, “Amour cottages in Amour  village is incredible place and we are so joyful to join the rich culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu especially on Pongal day and it is a great memory in their life and the pongal events are  colorful and charming.” The tourists also visited the homes of pottery makers, mat weavers, people involved in gem polishing etc. Many of the tourists expressed their gratitude for the villagers’ hospitality. The local SHG organizer enlightened the tourists, “People can clearly see the activities related to Pongal celebration, once the chill in the air heralds the festive occasion of Pongal. The festival is celebrated during middle of January every year and is also one of the longest celebrations in the Tamil calendar, spread over four days. As part of age-old belief and in the hope that the month of `Thai' will usher in good fortunes, people go excited with joy. The festival of Pongal is held dear particularly by the farming community as it marks the end of harvesting season. The markets start receiving stacks of sugarcanes, turmeric saplings and a horde of farm produces. The run-up to Pongal is as exciting as celebrating the occasion that is believed to ring in prosperity”. Earlier the tourists visited Gosala (Cow Project) run by SEVAI in Sirugamani and also experienced the Mattupongal celebrations organized there with joy”. - Govin

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