Thursday, January 24, 2013

“Reckless driving is the root cause of road accidents”

“Reckless driving is the root cause of road accidents” said Kandasamy a resident of Sirugamani who witnessed the road accident where four persons died in a road accident on the Tiruchi-Karur national highway at Sirugamani near Trichy on Wednesday morning, the 23rd, January 2013.Four persons, including a 4-year-old girl, were killed and four were injured when a speeding car dashed against three motor cycles in which the deceased were riding at Sirugamani on The Tiruchirapalli-Karur National Highway. The car was proceeding to Tiruchirapalli from Mettupalayam in Coimbatore District when the driver of the car lost control after a tyre burst. The deceased were identified as B Nallathambi of Ponmalaipatti, V Kathan of Sirugamani, Ms Thenmozhi and S Durgadevi of Tiruvalarcholai. The injured were admitted to a private hospital. The Jeeyapuram police have registered a case.Kandasamy further said, “Several accidents happens in NH 67 between Pettavaithalai and Trichy. The road construction of NH 67 is long pending with potholes, most of the accidents occur due to lack of driving knowledge, the big factors responsible for accidents are-drinking, reckless driving ,bad conditions of the roads, careless driving. There should be couple of things, if implemented can make traveling by road safe such as drivers should not drink and drive, avoid speaking on the cell while driving, Kids under 18 must not be allowed to drive, Adequate warnings and signals on the road must be provided to the driver, The person next to the driver must not sleep, The driver must not drive after a heavy meal which might induce sleep,. Loud music and talks must be avoided and the vehicles are to be road worthy”.-Govin

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