Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The importance of setting up a Gosala is beyond economic factors

Gosala in Sirugamani -SEVAI-OFI Cow project

“Gosala in Sirugamani Agraharam has been established. Gosala (Cows in Shelter) has a deep meaning; The importance of setting up a Gosala is beyond economic factors” said K.Govindaraju, the founder of SEVAI.He further said, “GO’ which denotes cow in Sanskrit, occupies a very important place in Hindu mythology Go signifies many aspects. She is identified with Goddess Lakshmi. She also represents Hiranyagarbha, the universal womb. It is believed that all the Gods and Goddess occupy different parts of Gomata. She is so sacred that she is worshipped all over India. The Gosala or cow shelter is a common scene at Sirugamani. People consider cow as a symbol of worship and every year during Cow Pongal, Mattu Pongal, special rituals are being performed to worship the holy cow at the gosala.The presence of Gomata will add to the sanctity and serenity of our temple.SEVAI a charitable organisation had set up a Gosala in Sirugamani Agraharam. The Gosala is located at the site near the Temple. A compound wall sheet to the height of 10 ft was raised, so that there is no inconvenience to the neighbors. This apart a small quarter for the staff has been constructed. Proper drainage facility is provided so that water does not stagnate inside or around the premises. A bore well has been installed. High standards of hygiene are maintained. It is started with a modest beginning with about 20 cows, which can be increased up to a maximum of 50 cows. The cows during their pregnancy period will be sent to farms which maintain such cows. This period will be for about 4 months in a year. The lactation will be for about 8 months. Each cow will yield about 15 litres of milk every day. This apart the cow dung can be used for setting up organic farming. SEVAI proposes installing a Gobar gas plant in due course, which can be used for lighting and cooking.”-Govin

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