Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SEVAI-OFI cow farm serves as cow farmer’s resource and information centre

Grass chopper in Sirugamani farm in operation

“SEVAI-OFI cow farm serves as Marginal cow farmer’s cattle rearing resource and information centre” said Devi a small cow farmer for milk. SEVAI-OFI Sirugamani Cow farm/training centre has installed Grass chopper machine for feeding the cows. This Power Operated Grass chopper machine enables to meet the requirements of animal husbandry for chopping all kinds of dry and green fodder into small pieces for cows of this farm/training centre. This Grass chopper has been designed to minimize wastage of fodder and makes fodder easier to swallow and more digestible. This Grass chopper machine is used to chop dry and green fodder of Sorgam, millet, maize, Sugarcane, Paddy, Grass, and Groundnut etc into small pieces for cattle. This Grass chopper machine totally eliminates the wastage of fodder. This Grass chopper machine is High quantity, at reasonable cost and this Grass chopper is used to cut corn straw, various crops straw stalk and grasses, suitable for small and medium-sized stockbreeder and Adopts steel frame, small volume, light weight, convenient to move, prevent accidents, machine gnawing knife is safe and reliable. Grass chopper installed IN SEVAI Cow farm is durable, long lasting and low maintenance machine, it cuts the fodder uniformly, which is ideal for the livestock, it improves the digestion of cattle yielding more milking output capacity, and high production in minimum time.K.Devendran,the Project coordinator says, “there is no wastage of fodder for feeding the cows by using the Grass chopper and it is easy to handle. The fodder given using the grass chopper is fresh and the cows yield milk with better quantity and the animals are very healthy. The women self help group members those received the mulching cows from Government of Tamilnadu in and around Pettavaithalai visit the cow farm and also get trained in the application of proper and required fodder”. -Govin

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