Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vedarajapuram School ensures that pupils enjoy coming to school

Cheerful Vedarajapuram school pupils

The school pupils of vedarajapuram participated in the equal health camp jointly organized by SEVAI and equal health in Tirunagari recently. Vedarajapuram school teacher Bala mentioned to the SEVAI education coordinator, “We are very proud of our school and the standards of care and education we provide and hope that you will be pleased with the experiences on offer for children. We teachers in the schools provide information to help the parents  to get to know and understand our school and the way we work as well as some information which we are legally required to include. We hope that the information given by us will help the parents explaining our aims and what we can offer for their child and their education. We value our home-school relations and aim to keep parents informed about what is happening in the school generally as well as their own child's progress. We believe that by working together we can ensure that child is happy in school as when children are happy they will make progress. We communicate regularly with parents, parents' evenings, open sessions, home/school books and informal chats. We will build on the learning experiences that our child has had before coming to our school. Children will be taught at a level appropriate for them and we will keep the parents informed of their child's progress throughout their time with us. We treat each child as an individual and will ensure that all of our children have opportunities for success during their time here and aim to ensure that they enjoy coming to school”. -Govin

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