Sunday, March 31, 2013

Establishment of Nendran Banana chips industry in Srirangam would enhance Banana growers’ income level.

 Nendran banana transported to Kerala from SEVAI Farm
“Establishment of Nendran Banana chips industry in Srirangam would enhance Banana growers income level” expressed by K.Devendran, a Nendran banana grower of Pettavaithlai.Nendran Banana is grown in Cauvery delta of Trichy. Andanallur Block of Srirangam constituency is centrally located among Nendran banana farming.        Currently, Nendran banana is currently marketed in Kerala and Nendran Banana is used for Nendran chips making in Kerala. The farmers express their aspirations for the establishment of Nendran Chips making unit in some location in Andanallur Block so that the banana farmers will get better price for their Nendran Bananas. K.Devendran, a nendran banana cultivator of Pettavaithlai and several other farmers make a request to Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, who has been elected from their constituency to come forward for the establishment of Banana Chips manufacturing unit at Andanallur in order to add value to these farmers produce. The unit will utilize banana to produce chips and powder, for which there is a good demand.K.Devendran said, “Banana is one of the important fruits in India and considered as a rich source of energy producing food. It is consumed in several varieties of preparations and forms. Being highly perishable in nature, there is a need to preserve this important fruit by processing it to produce banana pulp, banana chips, banana powder etc. to cater to the needs of different sections of the society and thereby provides incentives to the growers. Varieties of Banana suitable for chips and powder manufacturing is Nendran, Banana powder is used in weaning foods for infants or in manufacturing bakery and confectionery products. Nendran Chips are the most commonly consumed first generation snack foods. They are used as snack food both in domestic as well as in fast food centres and restaurants; the product can be safely stored for upto six months without any change in quality. The produces are perishable and seasonal and often wasted. It is being increasingly realized that food processing capacity needs to be increased so as to reduce wastage. Value addition can be in the form of grading, cleaning, packing, pre-cooling, primary processing like cutting, trimming, removal of inedible portion, processing to final products etc”. Govin

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