Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Slow Learning" needs to be corrected

Special attention by Special Educator for slow learner

“Slow Learning" needs to be corrected” addressed by Dr.K.Govindaraju, Chairman of South Zone Board of Continuing Education in a teachers meeting. Dr.K.Govindaraju further said “Human resource development should be at the focus of any educator, it is observed that the human resources-teachers and learners are to be developed and perform more than their capabilities. The learners are to achieve in tune with their capabilities. Even some of the most efficient teachers are to be adequately supported to equip to identify and guide the slow learners to reach their optimum levels. As a result, the institutions in tune are to be able to send their products into society as fully developed learners. Those who are slow to know suppose that slowness is the essence of knowledge. The experience of educators confirms that there are many children need special help in certain subjects. These pupils are to be specially attended to cope up with other students for achievement. They are quite well built physically but bit uncoordinated in movement. They are no trouble in school. Although much of the work is too difficult for them, they are patient and cooperative. Some of them are much more limited in their environmental, emotional, which impede their school progress and personal development. They need special help in the form of special class in ordinary school. Most of the slow learners struggle along in ordinary classes failing to have the special attention which they need. Their ability to deal with abstract and symbolic materials, i.e. language, number and Concepts are very limited and their reasoning in practical situation to that of average students. Slow learners’ needs special attention and care for being duly helped in getting rid of their sub normality in terms of rate of learning and educational achievement. Neglecting or overlooking them may pose a serious problem for their progress and welfare. As far as possible, they should be taught along with their other peers. The remedial steps and treatment measures for the slow learning children should therefore be mostly arranged in the schools by adopting the measures like, Provision of special curriculum, methods of teaching and special teachers, special coaching and proper individual attention, Checking truancy and non attendance. Provision of co curricular activities, rich Experiences and diversified causes, Maintenance of progress record, rendering guidance services, controlling negative environmental factors and taking the help of experienced educational psychologists”. Govin

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