Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vermicompost is a source for organic farming in SEVAI.

Vermi compost preparation in SEVAI

In SEVAI Organic farm in K.N.Palayam, the vermi compost is produced and the same is applied for cultivating the lands as organic farming.Vermi compost production and application is one such activity of the organic farming project being implemented by SEVAI.The cow project run by SEVAI contributes cow dung for the vermi compost production. Vermicompost is organic manure produced as the vermicast by earth worm feeding on biological waste material. Vermicomposting utilizes the impressive appetites of earthworms to produce compost in confined spaces. Vermicomposting requires very little space. This compost is an odorless, clean, organic material containing adequate quantities of N, P, K and several micro nutrients essential for plant growth. Vermicompost is a preferred nutrient source for organic farming. It is Eco-friendly, non-toxic, consumes low energy input for composting and is a recycled biological product. Earthworms can consume practically all kinds of organic matter. Earthworms have the capacity to eat as much matter as their own weight and produce the same amount of manure per day in the form of castings. It has become imperative to adopt earthworm farming for sustainable agricultural production and for the economic prosperity of the farmers. Vermicompost can convert 1000 tonnes of moist organic matter into 400 tons of high value compost; excreta of earthworms are rich in nutrients and bacterial and actinomacetes population. The benefits include Reduction of noxious qualities of a wide variety of organic waste, elimination of smell, reduction of harmful microorganisms, Production of marketable organic fertilizer, Increases soil fertility and bacterial activity in the soil, Increases micro grains in the soil and enhances water absorption capacity.-Govin

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