Friday, May 17, 2013

Scholarly debate on “Bridging generation gap of youth and elderly will always maintain happy living”.

Scholars,R.Maathu,Prof.Arivoli,Prof.S.Sathiyaseelan,Shanmuga vadivel

SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School Pettavaithalai and Moon TV jointly sponsored a debate in Pettavaithalai near Trichirappalli on Scholarly debate on “Bridging generation gap of youth and elderly will always maintain happy living” has been arranged in a Social function held in Pettavaithalai near Trichirappalli. Noted Tamil scholar Prof.So.Sathiyaseelan introduced the topic for debate on ‘Bridging generation gap of youth and elderly will always maintain happy living’. Popular Scholar Prof.A.Arivoli moderated the debate. Tamil orators R.Maathu and Thiruvarur Shanmugavadivel partook in this debate giving key points for the care of youth and also elderly. Prof.A.Arivoli mentioned that the place Pettavaithalai has been mentioned in Silapathikaram and enlightened that Kovalan and Kannagi crossed the River Cauvery from Valhalla to Pettavaithalai in the 1800 years back. He expressed his happiness to speak among the residence of Pettavaithalai where Kovalan and Kannagi left their foot prints as they were traveling from Poompuhar to Madurai. The key message of the moderator and the debaters were to bridge the generation gap between the youth and elderly. The debate brief was, “Generation gaps that exist are to be narrow down and it important to create awareness on generational differences and do our part to leave a legacy for future generations. Over the years the gap between the elderly and the youth has been growing wider due to Disconnection through lack of values, principles, tolerance and respect. In today’s society youths are hardly encouraged to embrace value and appreciate that the elderly are still human beings. Elderly people usually rely on their children as their main source of support at their old age. Some, often stricken with illness or medical problems, are forced to live under inhumane conditions when they have no help. The elderly is the fastest growing population, as we are all aging. The youths are depositing good karma into their life’s accounts. They are making a difference, where others talk and write and postulate about how bad things getting in the country. They are making a positive difference one elderly at a time. It is the need of the hour to recognize the need to stay connected to the elderly as traditions, values and morals, more importantly, the opportunity to just assure the elderly that they are loved and taken care is the main focus.  It brings pleasure to witness the life and joy on the faces of elders especially parents, when they are shown affection by the youth.  We need to start inculcating in our youth the importance of respecting our elderly. Each generation has different likes and dislikes, and different attributes. We may not always agree with each other, but understanding generation gaps helps us work better together, making improvements in our communities that will affect future generations. Understanding the generation gap may best be explained to youth and elderly who needs to have an in-depth conversation to relate to one another as the young people of today need to group up with better technology, televisions, cell phones and the Internet, nuclear energy, electric and electronic processing etc.The elders should also understand the global development at this point of time. The most important point is that Bridging generation gap will always maintain happy living of the population”. Moon TV Managing Director, L.Shanawas Khan was honoured by the public. Earlier A.Pichaimani welcomed the gathering and Gopala Krishnan proposed vote of thanks. Govin

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