Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Refreshers training program for Link Workers on HIV/AIDS in SEVAI Trichy

Panel discussions on Link Workers Scheme in SEVAI Trichirapalli
The Refresher Training for Link Workers in Trichirapalli District had been designed based on the need of Link workers to learn more about Strengthening the Service Delivery System, clarify the Roles of RRC and Volunteers, Epidemic on HIV/AIDS and STI, Updation of Positive Network and also make them to work as a team for the effective implementation of the program.  Another main objective of the training progam was to enlighten the LWs on the latest and additional information on HIV/AIDS and especially about the immune system. The Refresher Training for LWS-Trichirappalli has been conducted at Vizhuthugal Training centre, Allur of Tiruchirappalli District during 22nd and 23rd August, 2013.  The Refresher Training session was inaugurated by Dr. K. Govindaraju, Director of SEVAI with his inaugural address. DRP-P, DRP-T, Four supervisors and 40 Link workers participated in this refreshers training actively. In the Inaugural session Dr. K. Govindaraju, Director of SEVAI mentioned, “Link Worker Scheme was launched to saturate the reach of the HIV related services to the high risk groups based in the rural areas with aims to address the complex needs of the rural HIV prevention, care and support requirements”.The Key Resource person Mr. R. Senthilkumar - DPM (DAPCU), Trichirapalli gave a power point presentation on the salient features of HIV/AIDS and importance of Link workers in combating the HIV elaborating the Sequence of events, Transmission of HIV in India, Pattern of Transmission, classification of HIV, Management of STI in
Participatory training of Link Workers in SEVAI
HIV transmission, Prevention of parent to Child transmission and
Primary prevention of HIV in childbearing women. The DPM-DAPCU presented the detailed input to Provide HIV information to all pregnant women and conduct HIV testing with informed consent, Antenatal visits are opportunity for PPTCT,Prevention of unwanted pregnancy in HIV-positive women, Prevention of PTCT through ART (to mother and baby) and safe obstetric practices and Counseling for infant feeding & therapeutic intervention.Mr. Selvakumar – DS(DAPCU), conducted a participatory session and brought out the key interventions of Link Workers and further enlightened the need for strengthening the capacity of LWS Functionaries reaching the HRGs and Vulnerable groups those are still hidden and invisible and emphasized to adopt appropriate s need based methodology such as field exposure,  Group works, discussions, Power Point Presentations, flash charts demos, and administering thought provoking games etc.District Supervisor made it clear that there will not be any confusion and duplication on  role clarity. The team building concept was demonstrated by DS to review the impact in the field.

There were detailed and simplified description of blood, immune system and especially the T4, CD4 and functions how the HIV virus invade into the immune system is affected were explained by the other Resource persons. The resource persons also made it clear the characteristic information about STI, Advocacy, Micro planning, Volunteers promotion, involvement of RRC/PRIs/PLFs, Positive Network. Strategic approach on Communication has been detailed by Resource Persons.Pre- and Post tests were conducted and it was found that at the end of two days refreshers training imparted, was extremely well-designed for the advanced implementation of LWS in Trichirappalli.Govin

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